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Nimble + RightSignature: Simple, Social CRM with Digital Signatures

By: Unknown / Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nimble is the simple, clean CRM for your connected team. Social from the ground up, Nimble augments the basic CRM experience of managing sales contacts with innovative features such as a unified inbox and native connection to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Using Nimble, you can easily develop greater connections with your customers and take your sales productivity to the next level.

Thanks to the new integration between RightSignature and Nimble, this efficiency now extends to contract signing as well. Using these two popular apps together, you can seamlessly send a document to your Nimble contacts in RightSignature, then view its signing status from within Nimble. Now, you can take any potential sale from the initial contact to closing the deal with a legally binding e-signature, entirely from your web browser or mobile device.

Here’s how it works:
  1. In RightSignature, go to the Send a Document screen and select the document you wish to send your Nimble contact.
  2. When specifying your document recipients, begin typing the name of one of your Nimble contacts. RightSignature will automatically recognize and suggest your Nimble contacts in a drop-down menu below.
  3. Select your intended Nimble contact. Your Nimble contact’s name and email address will be automatically filled into the relevant fields. Click Send for Signature, and they will receive a link in their email with instructions to sign your document online using RightSignature digital signature software.
  4. Finally, log in to Nimble. Access any contact’s Profile, and you can view your RightSignature dashboard inside Nimble to see all the documents you’ve sent for signature to that particular contact. This brings real-time document statuses, as well as a full history of your signed documents, precisely where you need it the most.

Jon Ferrara, Nimble CEO, says:
Nimble simplifies sales and customer service with a powerful, flexible approach to social relationship management. RightSignature shares these values as the fastest, easiest way to get documents signed online. At Nimble, we use RightSignature internally and we love it. Nimble and RightSignature each succeed in helping businesses operate more quickly, more efficiency, and with better customer satisfaction – and we’re pleased to announce integration between our services."
One-Time Setup:
  1. To sync your Nimble contacts inside RightSignature: Login to your RightSignature account and activate the Nimble integration. 
  2. To view your RightSignature dashboard inside Nimble, login to your Nimble account, navigate to Settings, then click Integrations, then enable External Web Pages, and add a new webpage named “RightSignature” using this special URL:


RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get your documents filled out and signed online.
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