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Digital Signature Software Comparison: RightSignature on Top

By: Unknown / Monday, April 29, 2013

Online business coach Virtuallinda did a comprehensive digital signature software comparison and put RightSignature on top.

The article says RightSignature is a must-have productivity tool and explains why digital signatures are critical for a modern business – streamlining sales and eliminating paper for good:

“All businesses have documents that need signing. For years I've used electronic PDFs via email but the process of getting them signed was still a bit slow. I tried creating forms from Adobe Acrobat, but people would get confused. I’d get back some scanned via email, some sent by mail and some faxed, which meant my office organization was a bit sloppy. My problem is totally solved thanks to RightSignature.com!”

After reviewing a variety of solutions, she determined RightSignature was the best digital signature software:
I selected RightSignature after doing a comparison to other digital signature software and liked the feature list the best.”
-Linda Schenk, Virtuallinda.com

Read the full article on Virtuallinda.com, with a digital signature comparison using a number of key factors, including features, API, support, and price. Then sign up for a free trial of RightSignature today!

Custom Logo Branding

By: Unknown / Friday, April 26, 2013

Tailor the RightSignature signing experience for your customers and partners using our Custom Logo Branding. With this feature, your logo appears prominently on the signing page along side each of your documents, reinforcing your company brand and image.

Custom Logo Branding strengthens your professionalism, with your logo a clear indication that you are in full control of the document cycle. Additionally, it increases signer confidence, proving to even the most hesitant recipients that the document they’re viewing online is the same one you sent them.

Read on to learn how to activate Custom Logo Branding in your RightSignature account (Business plans and higher), as well as some other tips to help you brand RightSignature for your company.

How to Add Your Logo to RightSignature

To upload your logo, follow these simple steps:
  1. Login to RightSignature and click Account in the top-right corner.
  2. Click the Branding tab.
  3. Under Company Logo, click Choose File, and select an image file from your hard drive.
  4. Finally, click Upload to begin using this image as your custom logo!
You may change your logo whenever you want by repeating this process, or click Remove Logo to remove the logo altogether.

Extra Tips for Better Branding

Here are a few additional tips to help your logo look as good as possible in RightSignature.
  • Remove all white space around your logo before uploading. Crop your image carefully to make sure your logo takes up the full allotted space in your gif or tif file, and there are no white pixels around the borders of the image.
  • Wide logos work better than tall logos. The space reserved for your company’s logo on the Document Signing screen is wider than it is tall. Choose a similarly proportioned logo to maximize your brand’s visibility. All logos uploaded for Custom Logo Branding will be resized for display at 210 pixels wide and 50 pixels high.
  • Utilize our Email Customization options, too. On the same Branding tab, you will also find Email Customization options that allow you to designate the subject, greeting, and signature of the emails your signers receive.

Desk.com + RightSignature: Easy e-Signatures for the Happiest Customers on Earth

By: Unknown / Monday, April 22, 2013

Desk.com is the intelligent, team-based approach to making your customers happy. Managing all your customer support tickets on one elegant online platform, Desk has basically reinvented customer service.

Desk starts by expanding your customer support system to be accessible by anybody on your team, so the hard questions can easily be assigned directly to people who have the answers. To make this possible, Desk can be accessed from any web browser and on any mobile device, so anyone on your team can help with support, wherever they are. The end result is fast, flexible customer support for businesses of any size.

We are pleased to announce the new Desk add-on for RightSignature. Now, whenever you need to get a document signed by one of your Desk contacts, simply login to RightSignature. Your Desk contacts will be available directly within RightSignature. This is especially useful when you need a customer to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement or a Waiver of Liability—with RightSignature, these documents can be signed in minutes, even while you’re still on the phone.

To use the new RightSignature + Desk.com integration, just follow these simple steps:
  • Login to RightSignature and go to the Desk.com integration page. Follow the instructions to activate your Desk integration.
  • Navigate to your RightSignature dashboard and send a document.
  • After choosing your document, begin typing the name of your Desk contact into any Signer or CC text field and RightSignature will automatically suggest your Desk contacts. 
  • Simply select the contact you would like to send your document to, and RightSignature will automatically fill in the user’s full name, email address, and other relevant data.
Rand Lutomski of Desk.com, says:
Desk.com is a trusted member of the Salesforce product suite. The Desk.com and RightSignature integration has allowed us to bring an innovative signature solution to the small business community whom we serve."

Using Harvest & RightSignature Together: Featuring Crowd Interactive

By: Unknown / Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RightSignature’s ever-growing portfolio of integration add-ons empowers you to use your favorite online software together for even greater functionality. In our series Better Together, we deliver stories from our users on how to put these add-ons to work.

Crowd Interactive is a leading Ruby on Rails consultancy based in Colima, Mexico, near the Pacific Coast, with clients across the US. Both flexible enough to augment an existing development and design staff and powerful enough to tackle large projects on their own, Crowd Interactive builds beautiful web apps for startups and small businesses.

Crowd Interactive’s sheer talent allows them to be discerning when choosing clients. “We pick our clients carefully, and we work only in projects we believe in,” says Esteban Cortes, Business Development Director at Crowd Interactive. However, he adds that Crowd seeks a challenge as much as they seek a successful project. “Technology is fast-paced, so we have to match it—we make it a point to keep up with every new development.”

To help propel their business and their service to their clients, they make use of RightSignature electronic signature software and Harvest time tracking software. Here, Esteban walks us through a typical case to demonstrate how these powerful web apps help Crowd achieve new heights.
As a near-shore company, there is a natural barrier—a border, actually—between us and most of our clients. We have to trust our clients and they have to trust us, and we build that trust based on our delivered products. Our greatest tools are communication and results.

From the very beginning of a relationship with a client, Harvest and RightSignature are crucial. Early in the process, before we even have a mockup or a demo version of the apps or websites, we need to report our services and our progress in very specific and understandable items. Harvest provides professional estimates and invoices to establish that trust. Immediately, our clients know how long those tasks took and what they cost.

RightSignature helps turn that trust and communication into results. Using the RightSignature integration with Harvest, we can send our Harvest estimates directly from RightSignature. I also can see when our client has opened the document, as well as once it is signed, leaving no room for doubt on what the client expects to see in the monthly invoice.

Once a client has viewed one of our estimates, we can expect to have their feedback or signature within the hour. RightSignature is so fast and easy to use, we can be sure that no document gets lost. This leads to more certainty in the dev team, and a quicker turnaround for each project.”


RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get your documents filled out and signed online.
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