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Custom Logo Branding

By: Unknown / Friday, April 26, 2013

Tailor the RightSignature signing experience for your customers and partners using our Custom Logo Branding. With this feature, your logo appears prominently on the signing page along side each of your documents, reinforcing your company brand and image.

Custom Logo Branding strengthens your professionalism, with your logo a clear indication that you are in full control of the document cycle. Additionally, it increases signer confidence, proving to even the most hesitant recipients that the document they’re viewing online is the same one you sent them.

Read on to learn how to activate Custom Logo Branding in your RightSignature account (Business plans and higher), as well as some other tips to help you brand RightSignature for your company.

How to Add Your Logo to RightSignature

To upload your logo, follow these simple steps:
  1. Login to RightSignature and click Account in the top-right corner.
  2. Click the Branding tab.
  3. Under Company Logo, click Choose File, and select an image file from your hard drive.
  4. Finally, click Upload to begin using this image as your custom logo!
You may change your logo whenever you want by repeating this process, or click Remove Logo to remove the logo altogether.

Extra Tips for Better Branding

Here are a few additional tips to help your logo look as good as possible in RightSignature.
  • Remove all white space around your logo before uploading. Crop your image carefully to make sure your logo takes up the full allotted space in your gif or tif file, and there are no white pixels around the borders of the image.
  • Wide logos work better than tall logos. The space reserved for your company’s logo on the Document Signing screen is wider than it is tall. Choose a similarly proportioned logo to maximize your brand’s visibility. All logos uploaded for Custom Logo Branding will be resized for display at 210 pixels wide and 50 pixels high.
  • Utilize our Email Customization options, too. On the same Branding tab, you will also find Email Customization options that allow you to designate the subject, greeting, and signature of the emails your signers receive.


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