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Desk.com + RightSignature: Easy e-Signatures for the Happiest Customers on Earth

By: Unknown / Monday, April 22, 2013

Desk.com is the intelligent, team-based approach to making your customers happy. Managing all your customer support tickets on one elegant online platform, Desk has basically reinvented customer service.

Desk starts by expanding your customer support system to be accessible by anybody on your team, so the hard questions can easily be assigned directly to people who have the answers. To make this possible, Desk can be accessed from any web browser and on any mobile device, so anyone on your team can help with support, wherever they are. The end result is fast, flexible customer support for businesses of any size.

We are pleased to announce the new Desk add-on for RightSignature. Now, whenever you need to get a document signed by one of your Desk contacts, simply login to RightSignature. Your Desk contacts will be available directly within RightSignature. This is especially useful when you need a customer to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement or a Waiver of Liability—with RightSignature, these documents can be signed in minutes, even while you’re still on the phone.

To use the new RightSignature + Desk.com integration, just follow these simple steps:
  • Login to RightSignature and go to the Desk.com integration page. Follow the instructions to activate your Desk integration.
  • Navigate to your RightSignature dashboard and send a document.
  • After choosing your document, begin typing the name of your Desk contact into any Signer or CC text field and RightSignature will automatically suggest your Desk contacts. 
  • Simply select the contact you would like to send your document to, and RightSignature will automatically fill in the user’s full name, email address, and other relevant data.
Rand Lutomski of Desk.com, says:
Desk.com is a trusted member of the Salesforce product suite. The Desk.com and RightSignature integration has allowed us to bring an innovative signature solution to the small business community whom we serve."


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