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Digital Signature Software Comparison: RightSignature on Top

By: Unknown / Monday, April 29, 2013

Online business coach Virtuallinda did a comprehensive digital signature software comparison and put RightSignature on top.

The article says RightSignature is a must-have productivity tool and explains why digital signatures are critical for a modern business – streamlining sales and eliminating paper for good:

“All businesses have documents that need signing. For years I've used electronic PDFs via email but the process of getting them signed was still a bit slow. I tried creating forms from Adobe Acrobat, but people would get confused. I’d get back some scanned via email, some sent by mail and some faxed, which meant my office organization was a bit sloppy. My problem is totally solved thanks to RightSignature.com!”

After reviewing a variety of solutions, she determined RightSignature was the best digital signature software:
I selected RightSignature after doing a comparison to other digital signature software and liked the feature list the best.”
-Linda Schenk, Virtuallinda.com

Read the full article on Virtuallinda.com, with a digital signature comparison using a number of key factors, including features, API, support, and price. Then sign up for a free trial of RightSignature today!


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