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Using Harvest & RightSignature Together: Featuring Crowd Interactive

By: Unknown / Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RightSignature’s ever-growing portfolio of integration add-ons empowers you to use your favorite online software together for even greater functionality. In our series Better Together, we deliver stories from our users on how to put these add-ons to work.

Crowd Interactive is a leading Ruby on Rails consultancy based in Colima, Mexico, near the Pacific Coast, with clients across the US. Both flexible enough to augment an existing development and design staff and powerful enough to tackle large projects on their own, Crowd Interactive builds beautiful web apps for startups and small businesses.

Crowd Interactive’s sheer talent allows them to be discerning when choosing clients. “We pick our clients carefully, and we work only in projects we believe in,” says Esteban Cortes, Business Development Director at Crowd Interactive. However, he adds that Crowd seeks a challenge as much as they seek a successful project. “Technology is fast-paced, so we have to match it—we make it a point to keep up with every new development.”

To help propel their business and their service to their clients, they make use of RightSignature electronic signature software and Harvest time tracking software. Here, Esteban walks us through a typical case to demonstrate how these powerful web apps help Crowd achieve new heights.
As a near-shore company, there is a natural barrier—a border, actually—between us and most of our clients. We have to trust our clients and they have to trust us, and we build that trust based on our delivered products. Our greatest tools are communication and results.

From the very beginning of a relationship with a client, Harvest and RightSignature are crucial. Early in the process, before we even have a mockup or a demo version of the apps or websites, we need to report our services and our progress in very specific and understandable items. Harvest provides professional estimates and invoices to establish that trust. Immediately, our clients know how long those tasks took and what they cost.

RightSignature helps turn that trust and communication into results. Using the RightSignature integration with Harvest, we can send our Harvest estimates directly from RightSignature. I also can see when our client has opened the document, as well as once it is signed, leaving no room for doubt on what the client expects to see in the monthly invoice.

Once a client has viewed one of our estimates, we can expect to have their feedback or signature within the hour. RightSignature is so fast and easy to use, we can be sure that no document gets lost. This leads to more certainty in the dev team, and a quicker turnaround for each project.”


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