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Multi-User Accounts: RightSignature for Teams

By: Unknown / Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RightSignature Business and Enterprise plans include access for multiple users on a single account. Who from your team needs a RightSignature login? What extra benefits can you expect when your whole team uses RightSignature together? Let’s take a detailed look at the collaborative side of RightSignature with Multi-User Accounts.

Who on Your Team Needs RightSignature?

Anyone on your team who sends documents to clients, partners, or other employees will be more productive with a RightSignature login. In many companies, RightSignature logins are issued to team members in sales, legal, business development, vendor management, legal, and human resources.

Each RightSignature user profile, identified by a unique email address and password, verifies the identity of the sender and ensures that only authorized parties send documents for signature on behalf of your company.

Multi-user accounts bring all RightSignature users on your team together under one roof – administrators can monitor signature activity and access user document archives for greater visibility, and all users can share Reusable Templates and Online Forms for increased efficiency.

Extra Features on Multi-User Accounts

Here are a few things you can do with two or more RightSignature users working together on a multi-user account:

Share Reusable Templates and Online Forms

Do all your salespeople need to send the same sales contract template for signature? Do you want your entire organization to be able use the same approved NDA template, photo release form template, or permission slip template? With a RightSignature multi-user account, you can setup these important documents once and share them with your entire team.

Reusable Templates and Online Forms created by any member of your team can be viewed, sent, and edited by any other member of your team. To access your shared Templates, go to Send a Document, then click the Templates button in the Choose a Document section. Every Template created by one of your team members will appear in the menu.

To access shared Online Forms, simply click Online Forms from the RightSignature dashboard. Your team members’ Forms will appear alongside your own.

Administrative Privileges

Users designated as account administrators can set account permissions, add and remove users, view documents sent and signed by all users, export data, see team performance graphs and reports, and more.

Administrators may also create and send documents like any other RightSignature user. However, some businesses prefer to give the administrator role to a team member focusing only on the administrative tasks.

Combined Reporting and Analytics

All RightSignature accounts come with our powerful reporting suite, where you can review data such as your document volume, cycle time, and efficiency – all at-a-glance, illustrated with beautiful charts and graphs. Multi-user accounts take this feature a step further by collecting and comparing statistics from your entire team.

Administrators can quickly check the performance of the whole team to see who gets the highest percentage of documents signed and whose documents are returned the fastest.  Managers can use these statistics to identify top performers and transfer their best practices to the rest of the team.

Another crucial reporting feature for teams is our Data Exporter, which exports the text, dates, and other signer input from each document or Template sent by your team. The exported data can be opened in your favorite spreadsheet program or input to a database or other system for complete data management. For more information, read the Data Exporter feature announcement.

How to Add Users to Your Account

  1. Navigate to the User Management section in your Account Settings.
  2. Enter the name and email address for each new user.
  3. Use the Edit (gear) icon next to each user to view that user’s documents, promote the user to Administrator status, or remove the user.

Save Money with Multi-User Accounts

The RightSignature Business plan includes up to 5 document senders at no additional cost. So you can add 5 members of your team to your RightSignature Business account at a fraction of the cost of 5 Personal accounts—and at substantially less cost than older solutions in the market too. If you need more senders on your account, no problem: contact us and we'll help you upgrade your account.

Your business works best when it works as a team, and value-packed multi-user accounts with RightSignature help make that happen.


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