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Best Electronic Signature Software – How RightSignature Leads

By: Unknown / Tuesday, June 4, 2013

RightSignature provides the best electronic signature software on the market, according to users, professional reviews, and media. Why does RightSignature generate so much buzz?

As e-signature software becomes an essential productivity tool for businesses of all sizes, our relentless commitment to design and usability, careful feature development, and cutting-edge innovation make RightSignature the e-signature technology leader.

Top 5 Features of the Best Electronic Signature Service

1. Simple Sending: Usability means our electronic signature app makes sense the first time you try it. RightSignature is built to help you send documents for signature in seconds ... it’s as easy as sending an email. Try it for yourself for free!

2. Intuitive Signing: Your document signers – whether clients, employees, or partners – need to be able to sign your document correctly on the first try. RightSignature’s exclusive navigational tools, including our RightStep™ instruction bar and NaviGuide™ pointer flag, walk your signers through your document step-by-step, automatically.

3. Hand-Drawn E-Signatures: RightSignature captures an authentic hand-drawn e-signature, producing a document that looks like it was signed with pen-and-paper. No mouse? No problem. RightSignature’s 7 Ways to Sign ensure that your recipients can sign using a mouse, trackpad, iPhone, Android, webcam ... any computer or device they have available.

4. Reusable Templates: RightSignature Reusable Templates save you time by allowing you to set up a document once and then send it again and again, customizing it each time by inserting text with our powerful Merge Fields.

5. Embed in Your Website: Our popular Online Forms PDF Form Creator empowers you to embed a RightSignature document so visitors can fill it out and sign it right in your website.

How to Choose the Best Electronic Signature App for You

To be certain RightSignature is the best electronic signature service for your business, take advantage of the free trial and experience it for yourself. If you have questions about how to upload documents, setup Reusable Templates, or create Online Forms, our friendly customer support team is happy to help you.

While you try our online software, consider the following ways that choosing the best electronic signature solution can benefit your business.
  • Improve Your Professionalism. RightSignature’s elegant interface makes your business look more professional to your customers, and custom logo branding enables you to project your company’s image throughout the document signing process.
  • Legal Defensibility. Hand-drawn, biometric e-signatures, comprehensive audit logs, and bank-level security ensure your digital contracts are court-admissible and legally binding.
  • Ease of Implementation. Use RightSignature directly from your favorite web browser. RightSignature requires no software to install, making it possible to implement across businesses of every size in a few minutes.
  • Affordability. For growing businesses, one of the criteria for the best electronic signature app is value. RightSignature is aggressively priced, with value-packed monthly plans and discounted annual plans.
  • Save Time & Money. At the end of the day, the reason you’re considering an electronic signature solution to your paper document problem is to boost your efficiency and cut the unnecessary costs of printing, shipping, and faxing. The best electronic signature app is the one that helps you achieve this mission quickly and easily.
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To see the best electronic signature solution in action, sign up for a free trial of RightSignature now!


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