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Using Bidsketch + RightSignature Together, featuring Aria

By: Unknown / Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RightSignature’s ever-growing portfolio of integration add-ons empowers you to use your favorite online software together for even greater functionality. In our series Better Together, we deliver stories from our users on how to put these add-ons to work.

How does a growing ad agency with a flair for social campaigns improve its business operations? For Aria, online tools like RightSignature and Bidsketch provide a competitive advantage.

In a post appearing today on Bidsketch, Aria CEO Ryan Thompson explains how his company uses the integration between RightSignature digital signature software and Bidsketch proposal software to generate proposals and obtain e-signatures. The integration links these two powerful online apps to automatically send any Bidsketch proposal for legally-binding electronic signature using RightSignature. To Thompson, the integration has “transformed” Aria’s business.

...Just in the last 2 months, I can think of 3 times when I was literally about to turn off my mobile device on the airplane and I saw the proposal come through signed, and so I countersigned with my finger on my mobile device. Instantly, all those documents went automatically to my producer in Dallas to get things underway.

By the time I landed I already saw invoices out, I already saw planning documents going through the agency... We've probably saved hundreds of hours in just the few months we've used the RightSignature + Bidsketch integration..."
For more information, see the full article on Bidsketch's blog, or sign up for free trials of RightSignature and Bidsketch to see these tools in action.


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