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By: Unknown / Monday, September 30, 2013

For every paper document problem, there is an electronic signature solution. We asked our users which documents they get signed with RightSignature, and the responses were overwhelming. We heard from users from dozens of industries, with stories about just as many different types of documents.

Over and over again, users reported doing business faster, smarter, and more efficiently with RightSignature’s award-winning electronic signature software. Read on to learn from the business owners themselves how e-signatures transformed their workflows and cured their paper woes.

Srinivas Thouta, CEO, TaxGeeks
Industry: Accounting
Document of Choice: IRS E-File Authorization
TaxGeeks is a professional tax and financial services company with clients in 35 states.

We use RightSignature to get signatures on IRS E-File Authorization documents. RightSignature lets our clients bypass the process of downloading the docs, manually signing, scanning and uploading them to our client portal. It makes authorization faster and lets us finish the tax filings quicker. Our clients love it, and they especially love iPhone signing!"
Rick Bye, Founder, Rick Bye Performance Driving Experience
Industry: Automotive
Document of Choice: Auto Loan Agreement, Liability Waiver Form
I manage the 'Press Fleet' for Porsche in Eastern Canada. We lend our cars to auto journalists… to evaluate for road tests. Our 'loan agreements' are a 3 page affair, much like a car rental agreement, and a liability waiver requiring signatures in several locations.

Before I found RightSignature, I would have to make out these forms in triplicate: 1 for the journalist, 1 for Porsche and 1 for me, then have them all signed when I delivered the car to the journalist. It was incredibly tedious, time consuming and bulky. RightSignature electronic signatures solved all of this. I fill in 1 form and send it to the journalist electronically... The journalists love RightSignature, and often ask me, "why doesn't everybody do it this way?"

JP Zanetta, Assistant Manager, Parklane Properties
Industry: Property Management
Document of Choice: Property Rental Agreement
Parklane is a long established Estate / Letting Agent in Leeds… We have been using RightSignature in our Student Lettings Branch and it has been an indispensable tool for those tenants who are abroad, located elsewhere in the country or who simply cannot make it to our office to sign the required documentation.

Not only has RightSignature saved postage costs and a great deal of time in sending documentation to tenants but, more importantly, it has improved the reliability of our remote sign-ups and decreased the number of failed agreements. Having the ability to get all necessary documentation quickly and easily signed has increased our occupancy levels and allowed us to avoid re-marketing properties outside of the ideal lettings season."

Jennifer Madigan, Owner & Founder, L2 Accent Reduction Centre
Industry: Professional Education Services
Document of Choice: Non-Disclosure Agreement
We are currently in a licensing stage where we need to get NDA's and other documents signed quickly and RightSignature has made my life so much easier. I no longer have to bother with scanning or faxing—the average turnaround has been 15 minutes whereas before it would take a couple of days. It is also much easier for the person receiving the document. I have told my network all about RightSignature!"

Chris Martel, Owner, Armor & Martel Photography
Industry: Photography
Document of Choice: Wedding Photography Contract, Photo Release Form
RightSignature provides me with a reliable, efficient way of sending and receiving agreements from our clients. I just log in, upload my document, and send it – within minutes, my clients can review their contracts, and sign them online. The interface is easy to use, and integrates with online tools like Dropbox and Google Docs. Our clients love the idea that they don't have to wait for the documents in the mail. I highly recommend RightSignature."

Barnabas Nagy, Founder & UX Expert, Furlong Design
Industry: Web Development & Design
Document of Choice: Web Design Contract

We started to use RightSignature approximately a year ago and helped our business a lot. Previously we didn't use contracts at all. Now that we send contracts through RightSignature our clients take us more seriously, and the contracts they sign bind them legally. We have less hassle and more time to do what we are good at.

RightSignature is professional and easy to use coupled with beautiful design. We’ve used RightSignature to sign business deals worth tens of thousands!"


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