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New RightSignature Action Button in Gmail Inbox

By: Unknown / Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If you use RightSignature with a Gmail or Google Apps inbox, you may have noticed something new. This new feature lets parties (both your signers and you) take action on RightSignature documents directly from the inbox – without even opening the email!

We worked with Google to create a powerful RightSignature Action Button – to make RightSignature emails stand out in your recipient’s inbox and help you get documents signed even faster. This e-signature innovation utilizes Google’s new Action Buttons technology, originally intended to enable Gmail users to accept a calendar invitation or check-in for a flight from the inbox.

To use the new Action Buttons, first enable our Branded HTML Emails feature in your account settings, then send documents to any recipients with email addresses powered by Gmail.

RightSignature sends email requests to your signers as normal, but with a special indication to Google to display the Action Button to Gmail users. In the subject line of your recipient’s Gmail inbox, they’ll see a new button that says “Review Document”. They can click that button to go directly to RightSignature to review and sign your document, without opening the email.

RightSignature is built to empower you to get the highest possible percentage of your documents signed and enable signers to complete documents quickly and intuitively. The new RightSignature Action Button for Gmail makes your signature request emails stand out in crowded inboxes and speeds signers’ access to the signing page, leading to a better completion rate for all your important documents. We’ve made the fastest way to get documents signed online even more efficient.

Combined with our recent Branded HTML Emails feature and the new RightSignature + Zenbox integration, RightSignature is building a seamless transition between the email inbox and the e-signature experience.


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