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ShareFile + RightSignature: Secure File Sharing and E-Signatures for Business

By: Unknown / Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ShareFile is the business and enterprise solution for secure online file storage and sharing. Backed by the strength and reliability of Citrix, ShareFile offers customized products for companies in each of over 30 industries for managing files too large or confidential to send by email.

With the new, comprehensive RightSignature + ShareFile integration, you can send your ShareFile documents—NDAs, contracts, authorizations, releases, you name it—for legally binding electronic signatures in under a minute.

With the integration activated, you can request signatures from inside your RightSignature account or your ShareFile account for maximum flexibility:
  • In RightSignature, you can access documents and contacts from your ShareFile account. On the Send a Document screen, under Choose a Document, click the ShareFile button and select your document stored in ShareFile. Then, under People Involved, begin typing the name of a signer, and RightSignature will auto-suggest any contacts in your ShareFile address book.
  • In ShareFile, access any file, hover over the options menu (button with a down-arrow icon), then click “Get Signature”. This opens a tab containing the RightSignature Send a Document screen with your document pre-loaded, so you can send it for signature with a few clicks. You can also check the signing status of any signature requests initiated in ShareFile, and after signing is complete an executed copy of the document is automatically placed in your ShareFile folder.
Cat Allday, Sr. Director, Product Management, Citrix, says:
ShareFile is trusted by professionals in dozens of industries to securely share files that are too large or confidential to send by email. With our integration with RightSignature, we’re empowering our users to obtain legally-binding e-signatures on their most important documents. Our services are a natural fit helping businesses of every size strengthen security, improve productivity, and provide a better client experience.

How to Activate the RightSignature + Sharefile integration:

You activate this two-way integration from both your RightSignature and ShareFile accounts.
  1. Inside RightSignature: Login to your RightSignature account, visit your Account > Integrations page, click on the ShareFile box, and follow the easy instructions to authorize access to your ShareFile account.
  2. Inside ShareFile: Login to your ShareFile account, click Apps, then Other Apps, and follow the easy instructions to authorize access to your RightSignature account.


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