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RightSignature’s Reporting Features: Insightful Performance Metrics for your Business

By: Unknown / Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Before RightSignature—in the olden days of paper—businesses had little or no visibility into what happened between mailing documents for signature and having them returned signed. How many people received them but didn’t sign? Which team members were more successful at getting contracts signed? Today, RightSignature’s full-featured Reporting suite gives you comprehensive metrics on a critical part of your business—your signature request workflows.

To access RightSignature’s Reporting tools, login to your account and click the Reporting tab. Here, you can monitor the activity of your entire team in real-time, with informative charts and performance data. You can even export all the response data from your RightSignature documents into a spreadsheet for custom analysis. Let’s take a look inside:

Overview Report: How many documents do you send?

The Overview Report measures the number of documents sent out and signed in your RightSignature account. For accounts at Business level and higher, this data includes the volume of documents sent out by all of your team members.

Use the Overview Report to evaluate the aggregate activity level of your team, as well as each team member’s utilization of RightSignature. The line graph shows the total volume of sent and signed documents for your company for each of the last 12 months, while the bar graph shows the number of successfully signed documents for each team member in the last 30 days.

Efficiency Report: How many of your documents get signed?

Next, the Efficiency Report measures the percentage of your documents that get signed. The vertical bar chart show the percentage of sent documents that were viewed, expired, and signed in each of the last 6 months.

The horizontal bar chart shows the each team member’s efficiency ratio—what percentage of sent documents were successfully signed—over the last 3 months.

This can help you identify which members of your team are performing well, or poorly. Is your efficiency leader using custom email notifications, or making better use of RightSignature’s branding features? Ask that team member to teach the rest of your team his or her tricks, and see efficiency improve across your company.

Cycle Time Report: How quickly do your documents get signed?

The Cycle Time Report shows the average turnaround time between sending your documents for signature and receiving completed documents back. The line graph displays this data compiled across your whole team for each of the last 6 months, and a table reveals the median cycle time for each of your fastest team members.

The Cycle Time Report also shows how many of your documents get signed within certain benchmark speeds—under 5 minutes, under 30 minutes, under 1 hour, under 12 hours, and under 1 day. A spike in your fastest speeds can demonstrate that a new business process (for example, sending a document while still on the phone with your signer) is reducing cycle time.

Data Exporter: Export signing data to a spreadsheet

The Data Exporter feature gathers all the data users input into your RightSignature documents—text, dates, checkboxes, etc—and export it into a convenient spreadsheet document. You can then use that data to conduct custom analyses, produce business intelligence, populate a customer database, or import into another system.

Data Exporter can be used to report on all responses to a particular Reusable Template, or all One-Off Documents that share a common tag. Data Exporter is ideal for companies that want to get the most out of their document data. For more information about how to use the Data Exporter feature, check out our in-depth article.


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