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Urgent Lessons for Your Small Business, from an Expert Panel of Six-Year-Old Kids

By: Unknown / Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This is a guest post by Michael Hourigan of Shoeboxed, the cloud storage solution that turns your paper receipts into easy digital records. Learn more about the Shoeboxed add-on for RightSignature.

The AT&T commercials featuring precocious kindergartners are incredibly popular and adding catchphrases to our everyday conversation. Beyond the obvious adorableness of the kids themselves, the simple wisdom they inadvertently spout is a) undeniably true, and b) unexpectedly applicable to your business.

Lesson 1: Now is better than later

As any six-year-old can tell you, when you want to eat your grapes, you want to eat them now. And when you need someone to sign a critical business document, waiting is excruciating. The sooner the thing is signed, the sooner work can begin. And the sooner work begins, the sooner you get paid (cha-ching!).

Back in the day, getting a document signed was a 13-part process that always involved a fax machine, and sometimes involved a blood sacrifice. By the time you printed the document that needed to be signed, got Person A to sign it, faxed it to Person B, got Person B to sign it, and then went about the monumental task of making sure everybody got a copy of the dang thing, you might have aged significantly.

RightSignature enables you to obtain signatures—drum roll please—now. And by now, we mean the same day, sometimes the same hour. (Because after all, now is better than later.)

Lesson 2: Bigger is better than smaller

A second ad, linked above, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a big treehouse is better than a small treehouse. Not surprisingly, the same is true of cloud storage. Just like it’s impossible to fit a decent-sized flat screen TV inside of a tiny treehouse, it’s impossible to store all of your receipts, documents, and files in a cloud-based account with questionable capacity. Shoeboxed, however, turns this problem into child’s play.

Shoeboxed is a receipt scanning software app that stores all of your digital receipts in one place. Using Shoeboxed and RightSignature together, the six-year-old child's business advice offers a big fat solution for small businesses looking to e-sign and store their documents securely.

It’s so big, in fact, that in addition to integrating with Shoeboxed, RightSignature has made room in the treehouse for buddies like Freshbooks, Google Docs, and every file type imaginable. And RightSignature gets all fancy and backs up every single document in a secure archive, the equivalent of a Guggenheim-esque tree house addition.

Lesson 3: More reliable is better than less reliable

If football players are reliable, they get to play in the game, and if they’re not, they have to sit on the bench. In your business, the stakes are similar: if an app doesn’t work, it’s out.

Signing documents and scanning receipts is serious stuff, and you need services that are always available, on any device or platform, and can guarantee your account’s security. RightSignature enables document signing on PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids – you name it, and 256-bit SSL encryption and fully-redundant SSAE 16 Certified Data Centers provide bank-level security.

Lesson 4: Better is better than worse

Not to name names or anything, but there are other e-signature websites out there. The problem is, they don’t have big enough treehouses, their signing processes include as many (if not more!) steps than ye olde hard copy process, and their security is about as reliable as one of these six-year-olds around a box of forbidden doughnuts. If you're making your e-signature software comparison, don't get cute. Stick with RightSignature, because it's better. And better is, well, better than worse.

Lesson 5: Don’t bring your pet turkey to Thanksgiving

‘Nuf said.

So there you have it: everything you need to know to make your business succeed, and in digestible ideas, to boot. What’s the best advice—business or otherwise—that you've received from a 6 year old?


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