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New Feature: Request Attachments Lets Signers Upload Files During Signing

By: Unknown / Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We’re excited to announce a long-requested feature that greatly expands RightSignature’s capability to streamline your business processes. Request Attachments enables you to prompt your signers to upload files, documents, and images during the signing process.

Here are just a few of the many valuable uses for this powerful feature:
  • New hires can upload a photo of a driver’s license or passport while signing an employment verification form.
  • Employees can upload an image of a voided check while completing a Direct Deposit registration form.
  • Applicants can upload a PDF of their prior year tax return while completing a financial application form.
Now RightSignature enables your signers to return these important attachments to you with the same speed and ease that you’ve come to expect from our award-winning electronic signature software.

How it Works:

You can add an attachment request on the Document Overlay screen while preparing to send any one-off document for e-signature, or while creating a Reusable Template or Online Form. Using the toolbox on the Document Overlay screen, simply drag and drop an Attachment component onto the document—just like you would place a Text Field or Signature Box.

You can also include signer help text to give your signer instructions on which file to attach. If you need to collect more than one attachment, simply place additional Attachment components on your document. Next, finish and send your document as normal.

When your signer receives and opens the document, the component will appear as a button reading “Attach File”.

After clicking the button, your signer is directed to choose and upload the requested file. (Signers may upload PDF, DOC, XLS, JPEG, PNG, or GIF files.)

When the signer completes all fields, signs, and submits the document, a link to download the attachment is included in the email informing each party that the document is completed. In addition, each attachment is provided as a separate download on the Document Details page, accessible from your RightSignature dashboard.

RightSignature Makes Business Easier

Request Attachments makes its way to RightSignature by popular demand, and we’re excited to release another feature to make RightSignature more powerful and more versatile, while maintaining our elegant, intuitive user experience. Request Attachments removes the last analog component from many common signature requests, making life easier on both you and your document signers.

If you’re new to RightSignature, start a free trial or schedule a demo today. Our friendly support team is happy to help you utilize our new Request Attachment feature, and all our acclaimed features, to transition all your paper-based processes to a streamlined RightSignature workflow.


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