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How Accountants are Prospering with RightSignature Online Document Signing

By: Unknown / Friday, February 28, 2014

With exciting new accounting software platforms revolutionizing the industry and strong projected growth into the next decade, accounting is a competitive, high-value field where a small advantage can go a long way. Increasingly, accounting firms are adopting RightSignature easy online document signing to streamline their workflows, impress existing clients, and attract new ones.

Engagement Letters, Authorizations, and More

Accountants are no strangers to paperwork. Between engagement letters, authorizations to tax authorities, and audit confirmations, accounting professionals need a multitude of critical documents signed to serve each client. That translates to dozens of pages of messy paper to print, fax, and ship, then scan and file when it’s all over.

We talked to innovative accountant Lior Zehtser of ConnectCPA about how his firm uses RightSignature to get a leg up on the competition. The first thing he explained was how RightSignature saves his firm valuable time and expense, compared to paper:
RightSignature is the perfect tool for us. Before, our photocopiers and printers were always running. A single client could need up to 4 or 5 different signed documents just to get started. With RightSignature, we are able to cut that down to one simple, online signature request, and we don’t have to print a single page.

We love the RightSignature dashboard, too. It lets us see which signature requests are still pending, and we get notified as soon as a document is signed. The dashboard makes it so there’s no extra work for us to do – it keeps track of everything and our documents are sorted automatically, so we can pull them up again afterwards without digging through a filing cabinet."

Serve Clients Anywhere in the World… and Impress Them All

RightSignature does more than just eliminate paper hassles – it transforms the types of clients you can work with. Accountants consistently report that RightSignature has transformed their entire practices, beginning with the geographical range of clients they’re able to serve.

“We do a lot of business all over the US, and we have a growing number of international clients,” said Steve Moss of the accounting firm Holden Moss. “We needed a way to be able to send documents, get them digitally signed, and returned to us in a way that would be really easy and quick.”

Zehtser also explained how RightSignature has revolutionized ConnectCPA’s ability to serve remote clients:
RightSignature has broken down the geographical barriers for us. In the past, if we took on a client who lived out of town, we had to get them to come into our office to sign documents, or put up with the print-scan-fax nightmare. But RightSignature really created a wow factor for our firm. It’s the icing on the cake. Our clients don’t have to come to us physically to sign documents, and they don’t have to get back to their office to sign something either. Everyone has a smartphone these days, or a tablet, we can get documents signed when our client is at the grocery store.

RightSignature impresses our clients, and with the audit log and clean design, it not only features airtight security, it feels secure. From our standpoint, it means our clients are happier, which makes us happy. It means they’re more likely to refer us to their friends, which generates more business for us, and now our clients can come from anywhere. We can also market ourselves more online, knowing we can serve any client we reach."

Beyond Accounting: Building Better Businesses

RightSignature has saved both of these firms so much time that they’re even able to expand the range of services they offer their clients. Holden Moss has differentiated themselves from their competition by offering business coaching alongside their accounting services, helping their small business customers learn how to grow and thrive.

ConnectCPA also decided to offer a unique service to their customers, supplying tech consulting for small businesses with needs like inventory management. Zehtser said:
Since we’ve added it to our services, most clients come to us for tech solutions as well as accounting solutions. This is a game-changer – we’re seeing a trend in the market now where every one of our customers could do business better with some form of online software. They could use DEAR Systems for inventory management, or RightSignature to get documents signed online. We went ahead and priced that work into our accounting fees, so our clients don’t need to hire a third party developer to implement a technology solution for their accounting.

A large part of our workday is learning Xero, Quickbooks Online, and Freshbooks, and all the competitors, because you never know what your client is going to be using. From there, we keep tabs on the API add-ons and integration ecosystems for each service, because oftentimes it’s not just one service that will solve a client’s problem – it’s a couple systems working together intelligently. Any day we can help a client set up the RightSignature + Xero integration to help them get estimates signed online is a good day for us."
Between streamlining your onboarding process, enabling you to serve clients near and far, and bringing technological innovation to your clients, RightSignature provides a competitive advantage in the fast-evolving accounting market. If you’d like to implement RightSignature online document signing in your practice, sign up for a free trial today or schedule a demo to see RightSignature in action.


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