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RightSignature + Checkfront Integration: Online Bookings with Electronic Signatures

By: Unknown / Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Checkfront is the smart online booking system for businesses offering tours, activities, rentals, and more. Let your customers browse and book your services seamlessly through your own website, complete with online booking, payment processing, and automated billing. Checkfront even helps your business get smarter with robust customer data management and tracking tools.

Now RightSignature and Checkfront provide a new feature to impress your customers and get business done easier and faster, with stronger legal defensibility. When it’s time for your customers to check-out, the new RightSignature + Checkfront integration lets you obtain a legally binding electronic signature on your important confirmation and booking documents.

Add RightSignature online document signing to your Checkfront booking confirmation

When your customer books a service through Checkfront, the new RightSignature + Checkfront integration adds online document signing to your booking transaction. Include a terms of service agreement, liability waiver, credit card authorization, or any other important contractual document. During checkout, your customer will be directed to sign the document with a seamless one-click integration.

When your customer books an item on your website, to confirm the order they will be presented with a Booking Invoice like the screen below. If the RightSignature + Checkfront integration is installed, there will be a link at the bottom of the invoice prompting your signer to "Open RightSignature Document".

After your signer clicks that link, a RightSignature document built from the Template of your choice will open in a new window. If you've set up Merge Fields for that Template, the customer's order information will also be pre-filled on that document.

Customize and pre-fill your RightSignature documents with Checkfront order information

Using RightSignature's powerful Merge Fields feature, the RightSignature + Checkfront integration can automatically fill in your customer and order information to generate custom agreement and authorization documents instantly for every booking.

You can include your customer’s name and address, as well the details, price, and date of the order. The RightSignature + Checkfront integration pulls the data from your Checkfront transaction and merges it onto your RightSignature document, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

How it Works

To use the RightSignature + Checkfront integration, you need to have an account with both RightSignature and Checkfront. To activate the integration, follow these quick steps.
  1. Login to Checkfront and go to the Manage menu, then click “Add-Ons” and search for RightSignature. Next, click Activate and follow the authentication instructions to link your RightSignature and Checkfront accounts.
  2. Login to RightSignature and create a Reusable Template using the document you want to add to your Checkfront checkout. For help creating a Reusable Template and using Merge Fields, please see our Merge Fields video for a full tutorial.
  3. If you want to pre-fill your document with your customer and order information, place a Merge Field for each field. You must name your merge fields exactly using the following format, to ensure the correct data is sent from Checkfront to RightSignature:
Customer/Order InfoMerge Field Name
Booking order numbercode
Details of bookingsummary
Booking totaltotal
Descriptive date of bookingdate_desc
Full name of customercustomer_name
Customer street addresscustomer_address
Customer citycustomer_city
Customer countrycustomer_country
Customer state / provincecustomer_region

RightSignature and Checkfront: the best tools for the job

We're pleased to introduce the new RightSignature + Checkfront integration, an excellent demonstration of the possibilities of RightSignature's powerful REST-based e-signature API. The new integration makes life easier for you and your customers, connecting online software platforms to create a sum even greater than its parts.

Jason Morehouse, CTO at Checkfront, says
Checkfront is the smart business solution for online booking, and RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed online. Our companies both share a dedication to create the best designed, most professional tools for businesses of every size, and this integration is a natural fit. RightSignature’s API was a dream to develop on, and we’re proud that the end result provides such clear value for our users."


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