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The Financial Planning Association Brings RightSignature to Financial Advisers

By: Unknown / Monday, March 31, 2014

RightSignature, the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed online, has been selected as strategic partner by the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®), the largest membership organization for Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professionals in the United States.

FPA is the leadership and advocacy organization connecting those who provide, support and benefit from professional financial planning. With its selection of RightSignature as a strategic partner, FPA will introduce the RightSignature online document signing solution to its membership.

RightSignature is an essential tool for the modern financial planner, perfect for obtaining client signatures on Advisory Applications, New Account Forms, tax forms, and more. RightSignature allows financial professionals to serve clients both near and far by replacing slow, expensive paper documents with efficient e-signatures.
If you are still pushing paper, waiting for client signatures, and messing with fax machines, you are wasting time and energy. RightSignature delivers on its promise of easy and efficient digital contract administration at a reasonable cost."
-- John Gay, CFP®
Frisco Financial Planning LLC
Frisco, TX

The Financial Planning Association is the owner of trademark, service mark and collective membership mark rights in: FPA, FPA/Logo and Financial Planning Association. The marks may not be used without written permission from the Financial Planning Association.

RightSignature + Webmerge Integration: Create and Send Custom Documents for Online Signing Automatically

By: Unknown / Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Webmerge is the document automation service designed for the integrated web. Acting as the routing station for your business documents, Webmerge pulls your data from anywhere, including your CRM or spreadsheets, and automatically merges it into stylish customizable templates for invoices, contracts, and more.

Webmerge sets itself apart by teaming up with your favorite online software to deliver your documents wherever they need to go. Front and center is the RightSignature + Webmerge integration, which lets you send your documents for your contacts to sign online with fast, easy electronic signatures.

To get started, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Create a Webmerge account.
  2. Use Webmerge’s document builder to create a new template. Or, upload your own template design in HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Word format, and specify your merge fields.
  3. Click the Delivery tab in Webmerge and click the “+ New Delivery” button. Then, click the RightSignature icon and click the “Login to RightSignature” button. Enter your RightSignature login credentials to connect your RightSignature account to your Webmerge account. Then, select the Webmerge fields that correspond to your signer’s name and email address and add a subject to your document. You can also add additional signers or turn on sequential signing. When you are finished, click Save Delivery.
  4. Click the Merge tab in Webmerge to pull in data from your CRM or other system, or upload a spreadsheet. You can also enter your data manually. Webmerge instantly and automatically creates a new customized document by merging your data into the template of your choice, then automatically sends it to your signer with RightSignature.
Your signer receives an email with a link to sign your new document with a legally binding electronic signature. As soon as they are finished, the signed document is instantly and automatically returned to you.

With the RightSignature + Webmerge integration, a beautiful new proposal or customized contract is just minutes away from the hands of your client or customer, saving you unnecessary work and retyping. Webmerge’s integrated delivery system saves you time and let you get deals done faster by automating the creation of your document as well as the document’s delivery in a single simple workflow.

Jeremy Clarke, Founder at Webmerge, says:
RightSignature is the fastest, easiest way to get documents signed online, and an important integration for Webmerge. Webmerge is designed to create stylish, well-designed custom documents and send them in a single step, and to do so, we knew we needed to team up with RightSignature. The end result is an integration that lets our users turn their loose data into a finished proposal or contract that’s delivered to a client for signature in minutes."


RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get your documents filled out and signed online.
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