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Photography Contract Template

By: Unknown / Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Successful photographers know that the camera is only one of the many tools they need to grow a successful business. To avoid misunderstandings with your customers and project an air of professionalism, one tool is especially critical: a clear, comprehensive photography contract.

A strong photography contract template can fill these needs, and help you manage the seasonal demands of your work as well. If you need a wedding photography contract in the summer, an event photography contract in the fall, and a portraiture contract for the holidays, a single template can be quickly adapted for each job.

With that in mind, we’ve provided this free photography contract template, powered by RightSignature easy online contract signing, that you can download and use. Or, read on for 4 key clauses you should include if you write a contract of your own.

Sample Photography Contract – Click for Full Template

4 Key Sections for your Sample Photography Contract

1. Scope of Work
Wedding PhotographerWhat is your job, exactly? You must clarify your agreement with your client, and be extremely precise. Will your studio provide one photographer, or two? Will you be shooting video, stills, or both? For how many hours are you expected to work? Failure to specify the answers to any of these questions in your photography contract template can lead to conflict between you and your client.

In this section, be sure also to specify what level of cooperation you require from your client. In a portrait photography contract, that might include a suggested number of poses or sitting length. For a wedding photography contract, you might ask for a time and area to set up your camera and lights during the ceremony or reception. These clarifications help your client understand what you need to be able to do your job, and build confidence in the quality of work they will receive in return.

Finally, this section should state how your finished photographs will be delivered. Will the photographs be printed, delivered digitally, or both? If your studio charges extra for printed photos or a CD of your photos, be sure to reflect this in the contract.

2. Payment, Deposit, and Reimbursement
Next, how will you get paid? List the full amount for your services clearly and confidently. Do you require your client to pay a deposit for your services up front? Will you accept a payment plan? Without this information, your photography contract is woefully incomplete.

You may also use this section to request reimbursement for expenses related to a specific job, such as parking or transportation.

3. Rights and Usage
Will you be able to use the photos you take in your own portfolio to show to other clients? Your Rights and Usage section should cover these situations. If you want to use the photos from this gig in an advertisement for your business, or sell them to another publication, be sure to include language from our photo release form template.

4. Entire Agreement Clause
This final section is a common clause in many contracts, stating that your written photography contract overrides and takes precedence over any previous written or verbal agreements made with your client. This removes a common area of miscommunication between you and your client and leaves you with legal protection, if necessary.

With your photography contract template finished, you’re ready to contact your clients and take on new jobs. When it’s time to get your wedding photography contract signed, though, are you going to waste days waiting for a pen-and-paper signature? RightSignature will save you money, impress your clients, and let you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Get Your Sample Photography Contract Signed with RightSignature

RightSignature provides me with a reliable, efficient way of sending and receiving agreements from our clients. I just log in, upload my document, and send it – within minutes, my clients can review their contracts, and sign them online. The interface is easy to use, and integrates with online tools like Dropbox and Google Docs. Our clients love the idea that they don't have to wait for the documents in the mail. I highly recommend RightSignature."
- Chris Martel, Owner
Armor & Martel Photography

Just as DSLRs have supplanted many photographers’ 35mm cameras, new technology is revolutionizing every aspect of business in industry after industry. RightSignature’s electronic signature software lets you quit worrying about paperwork and spend your time on the photography you enjoy most instead. Simply set up your photography contract template in RightSignature, then send it out to each new client for signature online.

Your clients can sign your photography contract on any computer or mobile device, and even include a payment in one simple step. No more hunting down signatures, hassling after payments, or losing important paperwork – ever again. RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get your photography contracts signed online.

Disclaimer: This article was not written by an attorney and does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about the legality of your photography contract, please consult an attorney.


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