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Electronic Signatures on IRS Form 8879

By: Unknown / Friday, May 23, 2014

Even one of the world’s most paper-intensive organizations is moving into the paperless age.

The IRS recently issued an announcement encouraging accounting professionals to follow certain best practices when collecting e-signatures from clients. Specifically, the Electronic Signature Guidance for Forms 8878 and 8879 outlines the process for accountants to allow their clients to sign the e-file Signature Authorization form online (that’s the form each client must sign before the accountant can file a tax return electronically).

As a result, RightSignature, already a favorite of accountants, has just become even more appealing, allowing CPAs to more easily expand their clientele out of town or out of state.

Norman Lester, CPA, of Milton, DE, describes how RightSignature helped ease this year’s filings:
We are not close by to the majority of our clients, so RightSignature was a very useful tool this tax season.

The turnaround in having a completed document returned to us was amazing. I am continually surprised when we send the request for signature and have it back in minutes. This has been a difficult tax season – RightSignature helped ease the stress.

On to those extensions!"


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