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Power User Tip: Import Overlay

By: Unknown / Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have you ever needed to send a document in RightSignature that’s almost identical to one you’ve sent previously? RightSignature Reusable Templates make it easy to set up a document once and send lightly customized versions of the same document to many recipients. But what if you need to send a brand new document similar to one you’ve sent already? Thanks to our Import Overlay feature, it’s easy.

Now, when you create a new document to send in RightSignature, you can choose an overlay you’ve already set up from a different document and apply it to the new document. This means you get to skip dragging and dropping text fields and signature boxes – no repetitive work!

Using Import Overlay to Send Documents Faster

Here’s how it works:

First, login to RightSignature and click Send a Document. Then, upload a file from your computer with a similar filename to a previous document you’ve sent with RightSignature. Add your recipient names and email addresses and select your options, then click Next Step to enter the Document Overlay screen.

In the right-hand menu on the Document Overlay screen, click the the Document Overlay tab. Below, you should see a list of documents RightSignature has identified as similar to the document you’ve uploaded. Simply click any of these items to import the fields from that document. All your fields from the imported document will now appear on your new document, allowing you to skip the “drag and drop” step completely!

When you’re ready, click Send for Signature. Congratulations, you’ve just set up a new document and sent it for signature in seconds!

Using Import Overlay to Create New Reusable Templates Faster

You can also use Import Overlay to create a new Reusable Template using the overlay from a previous document or Template. Simply click New Template in the Templates menu in the Send a Document screen, then follow the same steps as above.

Multiple Signers

Import Overlay attempts to import all of the fields and options exactly the same from your previous document to your new one. If you have multiple signers on either your new document or the previous document whose overlay you imported, be sure to check that every field is assigned to the correct Signer.

Best Uses for Import Overlay

When should you use Reusable Templates, and when should you use Import Overlay? Reusable Templates are ideal when you’re sending the same underlying PDF for signature every time. Import Overlay is ideal when you need to upload a custom PDF to send for signature each time, but the layout of the PDF is similar to previously sent documents. Some examples of use cases for Import Overlay are:
  • Resending a document in which you or a signer inadvertently made an error in a text field and submitted the document. If you need to upload and send the document again, without placing all the fields again, Import Overlay is a simple way to save you lots of time.
  • Multiple versions of documents such as Liability Waivers or Non-Disclosure Agreements, where you may frequently update minor details of the document in Microsoft Word, then upload the document to RightSignature to send for signature.
  • Client-specific PDFs generated by another software you use, where the PDFs generally have the same format and you need to send them for signature via RightSignature. Common examples include real estate transaction forms and tax return authorization forms.


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