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Best Paperless Office Software: “Living the Dream” with RightSignature in 3 Steps

By: Unknown / Wednesday, September 10, 2014

cc, Utilizes images by Jawed Karim and Akkana via Wikimedia Commons

In an article titled “Living the Dream of the Paperless Office”, Bolt, maker of a popular mobile app for placing phone calls without using cellular minutes, recently shared a list of its top 5 apps that helped the company attain the dream of a completely paperless office. Clocking in at the #1 slot for best paperless office software, we are proud to report, was RightSignature:
The biggest hurdle to a paperless office is signing things. Even in 2014, most people you work with will expect signed documents to exhibit a mark that looks like you made it with a pen.
…RightSignature is inexpensive and easy to get started, and their document search is good. Plus they have useful power-user features like signature templates for common forms (such as employee CIIAA and stock option agreements) and a nifty mobile signature pad where you can use your finger to draw a signature that doesn't look like your 6-year-old child forged it.”
Achieving the paperless office is not just a buzzword – it’s a real business practice that achieves real results. The Bolt article describes that paper is fragile, takes up too much space, and is too slow for the pace of modern business. Every scrap of paper on your desk represents an obstacle to your efficiency: contracts, receipts, and even to-do notes can all be made less costly, more flexible, and more secure with the latest technology tools. Eliminating your dependence on paper and switching to paperless office software can cut your expenses for printing, shipping, faxing, scanning, and document storage.

Going paperless is not some far flung dream, either. As we’ve shared before with this list of 14 paperless web apps, the key is to simply find the right tools. Of course, with RightSignature mentioned on so many lists of the best paperless office software, it’s worth exploring why RightSignature is such a crucial online signature solution.

1. There’s a reason it’s called “Paperwork”

Every industry has its problem documents and its own needs. HR professionals need to wrestle with I-9s and W-2s and other employee onboarding forms, and make sure each document is properly filled out and archived. Sales teams need their contracts signed and returned immediately to ensure a simple close. And CPAs have a mountain of documents ranging from onboarding clients to IRS Form 8879 electronic filing authorizations. All of these instances have something in common: they’re a whole lot of unnecessary work if you’re stuck using paper.

With RightSignature, you simply need to build your document once and send it, instantly and electronically, to your signers. RightSignature’s critically acclaimed signing software helps insure that every document is filled out completely and correctly, eliminating mistakes, and each document is returned automatically as soon as it’s signed, so nothing is ever lost in transit.

Best of all, you’ll never have to hassle with printing, faxing, scanning, or filing paper documents ever again.

2. Go paperless and take clients from anywhere

One of the greatest advantages to going paperless with RightSignature is the opportunity to take your business outside of your own city. Unshackled by the limitations of physical documents, many of our users report that they’ve been able to expand their business to serve clients out of town, out of state, and even overseas.

Don’t worry anymore about the cost of overnight shipping or whether that new client questionnaire will be filled out correctly when it’s faxed back. Instead, use RightSignature to grow your business geographically and gain access to business anywhere.

3. Use paperless office software and impress your clients

If you have stacks of paper cluttering your desk, fairly or not, you’re likely to be judged by your clients and coworkers. Unsightly clutter can reduce your productivity and, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, it sends a strong message to those around you. “A clean desk sends the message that you’re organized and accomplished,” the article says, 
“while a disheveled one implies that the rest of your life is in a similar state.”

By contrast, using the best paperless office software signals to your clients that you are on the technological cutting edge, which is strongly correlated with success and market leadership.


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