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RightSignature + Hipchat Integration Removes Barriers to Productivity

By: Unknown / Wednesday, September 24, 2014

HipChat is an instant messaging experience specifically tailored to help businesses work better. Loaded with productivity-boosting features and boasting native apps on every device under the sun, HipChat is the missing piece in unlocking your team's collaborative potential. Simply put, HipChat makes it incredibly easy for your team to stay in touch, whether they're all in one office or scattered around the world, or communicating in a live discussion or checking in periodically.

RightSignature + HipChat Integration Details

RightSignature is pleased to announce new integration with HipChat, which will help HipChat users send documents for legally-binding e-signature effortlessly. With the integration installed, RightSignature will sync your HipChat contacts within RightSignature. 

Then, when you need a document signed by one of your team members, like an Employee Onboarding form, RightSignature will auto-suggest your HipChat contacts in a convenient drop-down menu. Just start typing the first name on the RightSignature Send a Document screen and your address book will display suggested matches.

One time Installation

To install the RightSignature + Hipchat integration, follow the steps below:
  1. Login to Hipchat. Click the Group Admin tab, then the API tab, then create an Admin API Token. 
  2. Next, open a new browser window and login to your RightSignature account. Navigate to Account > Integrations, then select the Hipchat integration. Copy and paste your Hipchat API Token into the space provided, then click the Activate button. Follow the steps provided to link your RightSignature and Hipchat accounts together.


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