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The Right Way: Renaissance Rentals Gives Customers a Home with Convenient Online Signatures

By: Unknown / Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our series "The Right Way" profiles RightSignature power users, revealing their success secrets and the technology tools they use every day.

The property management professionals at Renaissance Rentals provide one of the most cherished elements of people’s lives—a comfortable home. As the largest property management company in the busy college town of Bloomington, Indiana, Renaissance Rentals shines with a focus on delivering an unparalleled customer experience. RightSignature's Matt David spoke with Eric Dainton, General Manager of Renaissance Rentals, to learn how this forward-thinking company’s drive for innovation led to RightSignature online signature software and solid, sustainable growth and success.

1. Can you tell us the story of Renaissance Rentals? How did you get to where you are today? 

Eric Dainton: Renaissance Rentals is the largest local property management company in Bloomington, IN. Bloomington is a college town, home to Indiana University, and as you can imagine, has a very high rate of rentals. We started about 25 years ago, and we now own and manage 6 apartment communities with over 700 total units. We credit our longevity and success to many things, but mostly to our focus on our customers.

Besides the time I spend working with my coworkers and customers, I really enjoy improving processes. I especially enjoy using technology to improve the customer experience and our efficiency. The less time we can spend shuffling papers and working on administrative duties means we have more time to focus on our customers and providing them with new and better services.

2. What are the most difficult challenges you've faced, and how did you overcome them?

ED: Our company has had a lot of success and we've had to grow pretty rapidly alongside that success. Success and growth teaches you that "the way you always did things" oftentimes does not work when you are a bigger company. As a small company, you could rely on one person who could remember everything, or could easily keep track of the whole picture of the business. It's impossible to do that as you get bigger. Dealing with constant change as our company grows is a huge challenge, but one that keeps us excited in the business.

3. What did your process look like before RightSignature? What frustrations did you have with it?

ED: We don't like to think about those days! Prior to RightSignature, we were doing less than 5% of our leasing online, and the online leasing we did do was cumbersome and not secure. We required a customer to print out a document, sign it, then scan it then email it back to us—yuck. Everything else was done with physical paper. If we were lucky, people signed in person. But if we had a renter out of town, like many students are, we would have to mail or fax documents. Besides being a huge waste of time, it wasn't very convenient. It was also very easy to misplace or forget about certain documents.

We started with RightSignature in 2011, and we now use RightSignature for the majority of our common lease documents and addendums. So far in 2014, we're signing more than 70% of our leases though RightSignature, and we anticipate signing almost 100% of our documents with RightSignature by year-end 2015. We're also looking into incorporating the RightSignature in-person iPad app. It’s a great tool that makes what used to be our easiest leases, with a customer in the office, even easier.

4. How is RightSignature used in your process today?

ED: RightSignature has become the main way we get documents signed for 3 reasons:

First, it's easy for the customer. Customers no longer have to make special trips to our office, find a fax machine or deal with scanning. They just click a link on an email and follow a few very easy and intuitive steps. Especially for customers who reserve their apartment before they actually move to Bloomington, RightSignature completely changes the level of service we can provide.

Second, RightSignature increases our return rate on documents. As I mentioned before, we used to have an issue with documents not being returned. We would, for example, leave a lease renewal on the door of one of our residents. They were supposed to sign the renewal then return it to the office, but all too often, that document would not make it's way back to the office. With RightSignature, the return rate is very close to 100%.

Finally, RightSignature is great because our customers get to keep a digital copy of everything they sign. We no longer have to print out physical copies of everything a customer signs. It’s just another way using RightSignature reduces administrative burdens.


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