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Independent Contractor Agreement Template – Get it Signed Online

By: Unknown / Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Independent Contractor Agreement, also known as an independent contractor contract, is a legal document to hire an individual or business for an explicit set of duties and duration specified in a contract, as an alternative to traditional employment. Increasingly common in a variety of industries, an independent contractor relationship can appeal to both sides as a more flexible option than traditional employment.

The independent contractor agreement document is essential in any independent contractor relationship, as the document clearly defines the contractor’s job. However, without the clearly defined relationship of an employer and employee, many of the details involved with creating an independent contractor agreement and getting it signed can raise a number of questions, such as:
  • When do you need an independent contractor agreement?
  • Who is responsible for writing an independent contractor contract?
  • What key clauses should an independent contractor agreement contain? 
  • What’s the best way to get your independent contractor agreement signed? 
Read on for an independent contractor checklist to answer all these questions. And make use of this free independent contractor agreement template, hosted by RightSignature.

Free Independent Contractor Agreement. Click for full template.
Free Independent Contractor Agreement. Click for full template.

4 Keys to Creating the Perfect Independent Contractor Agreement

Traditional employee onboarding paperwork tends to consist of the same list of forms and is always provided by the employer, but the independent contractor relationship is less clearly defined. Because of the wide range of situations that fall under the purview of an independent contractor relationship, it can be hard to know which party should be responsible for the contract. However, following these four easy tips, you can always be sure to have the best preparation and protection in any independent contractor situation.
  1. Always use an independent contractor agreement. Verbal agreements are simply insufficient in today’s marketplace. Signing an independent contractor agreement is the best way for both parties to reduce misunderstandings and reduce potential legal action as well.
  2. Each party should provide their own independent contractor agreement template. In many situations, the contracted party will be more accustomed to an independent contractor relationship than the hiring party, or will want to present themselves as more professional to a potential client. As such, it is advisable for both sides to create and manage their own independent contractor agreements.
  3. Download our free sample independent contractor agreement, or use this guide to create your own. To download this sample independent contractor agreement to compare to your own documents, click the above link, then select the “PDF Download” button, or sign up for a free trial of RightSignature. For help creating your own independent contractor agreement pdf, read on for 3 key clauses every such document should contain.
  4. Use RightSignature online document signing to get your independent contractor agreements signed. Independent contractor agreements, like any paper document, are limited by the paper they’re printed on. Paper is slow, delicate, and expensive and unwieldy to print, transport, and store. Any business that routinely gets independent contractor agreements or any other documents signed can save time and money by using RightSignature online document signing software for easy-to-use, legally binding electronic signatures.

Key Clauses for Your Independent Contractor Agreement Template

When writing an independent contractor agreement template, be sure to include these key clauses:

1. Identification & relationship of parties

Who are the parties who will be entering into this agreement? This first clause names both the contractor and the client, and defines their relationship as that of an independent contractor, following the terms below.

2. Terms of contract

The most substantial section of your independent contractor agreement template, this clause clearly spells out the work to be done by the independent contractor, the dates and duration of the contract, the conditions for terminating the contract for either party, and whatever compensation is agreed upon by both parties.

3. Administration

How will this contract be enforced? In this section, your independent contractor agreement should include clauses identifying that document as the sole agreement between your two parties, overriding any other past verbal or written agreement. Additionally, independent contractor laws can vary from state to state, so it is important to define an area of jurisdiction for your agreement.

Hiring an independent contractor, or acting as one yourself, can be an excellent way to get work done in a flexible and self-directed field. For businesses and contractors alike, RightSignature can help cure the pain of paperwork and let you focus on the important things. Try RightSignature for free today.

Disclaimer: This was not written by an attorney and does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about the legality of your Independent Contractor Agreement, please consult your attorney.


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