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RightSignature Acquired by Citrix: In the News

By: Unknown / Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The news that RightSignature was acquired by Citrix generated media coverage around the world.

On the announcement date, RightSignature Founder and CEO Daryl Bernstein explained that RightSignature will continue to provide the best electronic signature software on the market and change the way the world does business, and Citrix Vice President and General Manager Jesse Lipson described how RightSignature is a powerful addition to the Citrix Documents Cloud.

Technology and business media added commentary and praise, and the buzz was palpable. Here are a few highlights:
RightSignature … focuses purely on electronic signatures. They do this by giving users a simple template for sending electronic signature requests. Upload the file you need a signature on, and edit the template to your liking. Need additional text boxes? Simply drag and drop them into the template, all of the coding is self-contained within RightSignature, meaning you can focus on the necessary information you will need to procure from your client. There are no downloads required on the client's end, or any need for a RightSignature account. All they need is an email address and a web browser.

Citrix is definitely a good company to team with, having a proven track record of taking start-ups and implementing their software flawlessly."
United Press International
Citrix Aquires E-Signature Specialist RightSignature
Citrix has been building out its collaboration and document management product line based on the idea that mobile device and application management needs workflow integration… RightSignature should allow Citrix to better target industries such as accounting, financial services, real estate and other document-heavy verticals such as insurance."

Citrix Acquires RightSignature, Adds Doc Signing
The acquisition won’t make a huge difference to current RightSignature customers… The startup’s software integrates with Citrix’s cloud-based ShareFile file-transferring service; it also integrates with Google Docs. RightSignature can also authenticate users by snapping a picture using the cameras on devices."
Citrix Has Bought e-Signature Startup RightSignature
RightSignature was spun out of Portland-based Burnside Digital, a maker of web-based apps for financial institutions, in 2009 by a group of employees that was tired of standing around the fax machine at odd hours waiting for signatures from international clients. In 2012, company CEO Daryl Bernstein told the Business Times that, aside from its marquee signature technology, what keeps business customers coming back are the tools for creating and managing documents.

In a statement released yesterday, Bernstein said Citrix will be the “perfect home” for accelerating RightSignature’s growth."
Pacific Coast Business Times
Citrix Expands Holdings with RightSignature Acquisition

The move makes sense for Citrix, because its ShareFile application consists of cloud file sharing and document storage. RightSignature integrates with Citrix ShareFile. By adding an electronic signature capability, it means that those using file sharing and storage in the cloud can go paperless even for the types of documents that need signatures.

RightSignature is one of the relatively-new breed of electronic signing applications. Electronic signature apps eliminate the need to mail hard copies or print out faxes of documents, sign them, and then either mail them back or fax or scan them. E-signature applications route documents electronically for digital signatures, and maintain a log and digital copies of the signed documents, too."
Small Business Trends
Citrix Acquires E-Signature Company RightSignature
Aimed at industries that handle sensitive forms and signatures—accounting, financial services, healthcare, real estate, and insurance—the new integration "presents an opportunity to realize huge savings in time and money while maintaining security for confidential documents," [Citrix Vice President and General Manager Jesse] Lipson wrote."
PC Mag
Citrix Eyes E-Signature Market With RightSignature Acquisition


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