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Rental Agreement Template

By: Unknown / Thursday, February 26, 2015

A rental agreement, or lease agreement, is a legal document to decide the terms of renting a piece of property. Most frequently used to rent apartments, cars, and equipment, rental agreements determine the price, duration and expectations for each party to agree upon.

Without a legally binding rental agreement, the owner of the rented property has no recourse in case the property is damaged or never returned or if the renter is negligent on payments. But while having a good rental agreement template is a necessity for conducting business, sometimes getting a piece of paper signed is impractical, if not impossible.

When Renaissance Rentals rents to a tenant who lives out of town, they need a faster, more interactive solution than the nightmare of printing, faxing and scanning. For a business which operates entirely online such as Wicked Wingsuits, it’s not even an option. To conduct business faster and smarter, these companies use RightSignature electronic signatures, as well as this free rental agreement template to get their rental agreements signed online.

Rental Agreement Template - Click for full template
Download the free rental agreement above, and read more for tips on how to write your own rental lease agreement and get it signed online quickly and easily.

4 Keys to the Perfect Rental Agreement Template

When do you need a rental agreement? Does your rental agreement include every section it needs, or is it missing a clause which can add to your liability down the road? Following these four steps can help you make sure your rental agreement offers the best legal protection and limit your business’s liability.

Always use a rental agreement. Never settle for a handshake deal. Even when renting to close friends and family, any minor disagreement or confusion over the terms of your rental can make for awkward conversations and even strain your relationship. Legal documents such as rental lease agreements exist to establish, as clearly and as detailed as possible, the expectations each party brings into the rental, so you don’t have to bargain or argue later.

Include these key clauses in your rental agreement. In addition to detailing what you’re renting, to whom you’re renting it and when the rental begins and ends, there are a number of important details your rental agreement template needs to include. Don’t forget these crucial sections in your final document:
  1. PAYMENTS: This includes not only the payment amount, but when payments are due and in what form payments will be accepted. You may also define in this section the consequences for late payments.
  2. DEPOSIT AND DAMAGES: Most rentals require the renter to pay a deposit upfront to protect against damages to the rented property. This section of your rental lease agreement determines the amount required for a deposit and in what conditions the property is considered damaged, rather than a product of normal wear and tear. 
  3. ACCEPTABLE USE: Owners often specify acceptable uses for the property they’re renting out. This allows the owner to restrict the renter from engaging in activities that are likely to result in damages or legal liability. For an apartment, this might include restrictions against water-filled furniture, pets or excessive noise. This should also include additional benefits for the renter — for example, parking, utilities or use of common areas.
  4. ADMINISTRATION: This section details how the rental agreement template will be administered. This includes establishing that the signed rental agreement constitutes the entire agreement between both parties. It also details the conditions for terminating or changing the agreement and, if the agreement is disputed in court, in which jurisdiction it’s covered and how legal fees from the dispute will be paid.
Get it signed online with RightSignature. 
We used to have an issue with documents not being returned. We would, for example, leave a lease renewal on the door of one of our residents. They were supposed to sign the renewal then return it to the office, but all too often, that document would not make its way back to the office. With RightSignature, the return rate is very close to 100 percent.”
— Eric Dainton, General Manager of Renaissance Rentals, Bloomington, Indiana

Rental agreements on paper are slow and cumbersome. Paper documents can easily get lost or destroyed and are often filled out incorrectly. And forcing your renters to print, fax and scan your documents is an unnecessary hassle. With RightSignature electronic signatures, you can make sure your rental agreement template is filled out completely and returned safely and promptly, saving you time and money every single day.

And with the free rental agreement above, you can get started with your most important document set up and ready to send.

Collect your deposit securely. As mentioned above, it’s common for renters to pay a deposit on the rental up front, which may be returned later, to protect against damages to the property. However, this can prove to be trickier than it seems. With paper documents, the renter can easily be confused — should they pay with a bank transfer, credit card or personal check?

Similarly, if the owner needs to process several rental lease agreements, it can be difficult to reconcile each payment with each signed document, especially on a shortened time scale. Do you have time to wait and see if your renter’s check cleared if they’re supposed to get their keys and move in right away?

The Collect Payments feature by RightSignature simplifies all these complicated moving parts into one process by requiring a document’s signer to include a payment backed by bank-level security as a required step to signing the document. If the renter doesn’t pay, there’s no rental agreement.

With features like Collect Payments, RightSignature offers an intuitive and unique way to get your important documents signed, as well as this free rental agreement template to help you get started. Try RightSignature for free today.

Disclaimer: This was not written by an attorney and does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about the legality of your Rental Agreement, please consult your attorney.

Accounting Today Names RightSignature Top Product of 2015

By: Unknown / Thursday, February 5, 2015

The leading publication for CPAs, Accounting Today, just named RightSignature at the head of their list of “The 2015 Top New Products.” The article, which appears in their February 2015 issue, cements the status of e-signature software as a critical tool for every financial firm.

With last year’s IRS ruling that made Forms 8878 and 8879 eligible for electronic signature, e-signature software has quickly become an indispensable tool for a modern CPA — with success stories like these from ConnectCPA and Holden Moss. RightSignature’s placement at the top of the list, however, also reflects how important it is in today’s business environment for accountants — and professionals in dozens of other industries — to get documents signed quickly and easily online.

Srinivas Thouta, CEO of TaxGeeks, explains why RightSignature has been so helpful for his practice,
We have been using RightSignature to get the signatures on IRS Efile Authorization documents. This avoids our clients downloading the docs, manually signing, scanning and uploading the docs to our client portal.  This helps in getting the authorization faster and finish the tax filings quicker. Our clients love the ability to sign the docs online or using the iPhone.”
RightSignature’s accounting package includes everything a CPA needs to supercharge their practice, including Reusable Templates for engagement letters and Form 8879, the ability to Collect Payments on all RightSignature documents, and special features for IRS compliance. Try RightSignature for free today!


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