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RightSignature Thought Leader Profiled by PerfectForms

By: Unknown / Thursday, April 30, 2015

In an interview appearing on the PerfectForms blog, RightSignature Partner Relationship Manager John Gainor talks all about RightSignature. See what this thought leader has to say about cloud software strategy, the economics of e-signatures, and even the story of RightSignature, growing from a bootstrapped startup to a powerhouse backed by Citrix:
RightSignature was founded in 2008, and our founders built it as a tool they wanted to use themselves. They were shocked that there wasn’t any good tool out there to quickly and easily send the documents they used every day to get them signed online with a real, handwritten signature.

We’re a company built on innovation, and the biometric, hand-drawn signature was our first. RightSignature pioneered electronic signature technology with the first e-signatures that look like your actual written signature. This crucial detail makes our customer’s contracts look more like contracts, and helps them appear more professional and more trustworthy to their business prospects."
Read the full interview here.


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