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Staffing Made Simple with RightSignature: A Case Study

By: Steve Stormoen / Thursday, May 28, 2015

Employer Advantage is a step beyond staffing. Based in Joplin, Mo., with clients in 42 states, it offers small businesses the advantages and efficiencies of a large corporation. Employer Advantage allows clients to spend time and resources on their core business function instead of administrative busy work or regulatory rules and compliance issues they don’t know or understand.

Always looking for the latest edge, Employer Advantage uses RightSignature electronic signatures to let its clients hire like a Fortune 500 firm. Steve Stormoen of RightSignature caught up with Debbie Cash, of Employer Advantage, to see how this forward-thinking company gets a leg up with RightSignature.

What is Employer Advantage? Tell us about your biggest success to date.

Debbie Cash: Employer Advantage is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that has been serving businesses since 1990. Our services include payroll, HR, benefits administration, risk management and payroll tax processing. We take over all these things for the client — it relieves the client from the administrative part of business and lets them focus doing what they love to do, and doing what they’re good at.

Today we have clients across the country, concentrated most strongly in the Midwest. Our biggest success, according to our President Lee Allphin, has been in educating some of the more conservative businesses and organizations in the Midwest about the value of our services. Once they experience the value, they give us a referral to other businesses who can use our services as well. Our marketing and our growth is built heavily around these referrals from other clients. Essentially, we succeed by doing our job well.

How do you use RightSignature? How has RightSignature helped contribute to your successes?

DC: For several years we have been using Citrix products and have been very happy with both the quality and how those products have helped us become more efficient, provide better client service and good security. The cost of the products has always been reasonable. When our CFO, Richard Scott, became aware of RightSignature and learned that it is a Citrix product, he asked us to try it. Not many of our clients are within a half hour driving distance and turnaround time of signed documents is very important.

To begin with we used RightSignature for documents like client service agreements and forms — documents that only go between us and our clients. RightSignature proved to be so easy to use that we decided to expand that to documents that our client’s employees need to sign as well. An employee in our Benefits Department was the first to use RightSignature for this purpose. Seeing how well it worked to get signed benefit documents, we have gone on to design Reusable Templates for new hire packets for small clients who only hire a few new employees per year. We are now testing that process and believe it is going to be a big help.

What role does technology play in your company? Do you use online software tools besides RightSignature?

DC: We like to say we bring world class tech to small and medium-sized businesses. We provide tools like electronic payments, direct deposit payroll, pay card payments — things they can’t do normally in their small business without a large fee. And after we bring all our services to our clients, we provide them with rich, hands-on data that they can use to create full reports to understand their business better.

We focus on technology solutions in part to help our clients do better business, but also to make business feasible for us. With clients in over 40 states all over the U.S., even the clients we’re close to might have locations in 3 or 4 other states. Tools like RightSignature let us take on clients on a national scale without having to travel to each business’s location and set up that new hire paperwork for them in person.

We’ve been using other online software products like GoToMeeting, GoToAssist and ShareFile for years now. GoToMeeting allows us to meet with clients and do trainings of our various tech offerings, like our timekeeping software. We use electronic timekeeping systems at client locations and this allows them to get us their payroll data electronically. If the employee or client have a specific problem using our website or timekeeping software, GoToAssist lets us dive right in and help them out. ShareFile allows us to send things securely back and forth with our clients that we wouldn’t trust to a normal email — sending an employee’s W-2, for example.

RightSignature Unveils New Passcodes Feature for Knowledge-Based Authentication for IRS Compliance

By: Steve Stormoen / Thursday, May 14, 2015

If you are an accountant, CPA or other professional filing forms with the IRS or other regulatory bodies which require having knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods, RightSignature now offers an optional Passcodes feature for your documents. By enabling Passcodes, your recipients must enter a passcode you specify, such as the last four digits of the signer’s Social Security number, in order to access and sign the document and fulfill KBA standards.

Implementing Passcodes on your documents is easy. Once the feature is enabled on your account, you will see a new option on the Send a Document screen titled “Require Passcode to Sign.” Simply click the button to activate this option, then set the passcode question and the answer your signer will have to input.

Next, fill out and send your document as normal. Your recipient will receive an email with a link to sign your document — which means that before accessing your document, he or she will need to enter the document passcode you specified earlier.

Although adding KBA through the RightSignature Passcodes feature is important for regulatory compliance in many industries, our regular users already enjoy other award-winning security features we offer as standard practice. All documents sent with RightSignature include our password-protected login, biometric signature capture protection, tamper-proof audit log, and bank-level encryption and security. These measures have earned RightSignature the highest-available security rating from the Cloud Security Agency (CSA).

To learn how to enable the Passcodes feature on your account, contact RightSignature today.


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