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GlobiFlow for Podio Integrates with RightSignature

By: Unknown / Wednesday, August 5, 2015

GlobifFlow is an extension for Citrix Podio that makes automating your workday outrageously simple. Podio is an online workflow management and collaboration platform that is fully customizable to fit with how your team works best. Organize and connect everything you work with on Podio — projects, tasks, customers, meetings, you name it — keeping everyone up to date, both on web and mobile. Podio’s unrivaled flexibility lets you build on top, or integrate with existing tools so all work, data, files and conversations are connected in a single structured & social environment helping your team work better.

Seamlessly built on top of Podio, GlobiFlow adds automation options to help connect different parts of your Podio workflows, automatically generate PDFs, send emails and more. When you add the Globiflow + RightSignature integration to generate contracts and proposals from your Podio data, they're automatically sent to be signed online with RightSignature in one, simple click. This eliminates repetitive processes, saving you time and ensuring all the status of work stays up to date, and automatically alerting your team when they can move ahead.

The applications for this integration are as endless as the uses for Podio itself. Sales teams can utilize all their data on a lead stored in Podio to instantly create a sales contract or NDA customized with their Podio notes, then send it with RightSignature to close deals quickly and easily with a legally binding contract. Or if your company uses Podio to collaborate internally between employees, the GlobiFlow + RightSignature integration can help you easily get waivers, authorizations and other internal documents signed in an easily trackable solution without a scrap of paper.

Here’s how the GlobiFlow + RightSignature integration can work for a sales team:

1. Login to Podio and view a lead. In this case, notice the new “Generate Contract” button, added with GlobiFlow. Click that button, and the GlobiFlow + RightSignature integration creates a custom contract using your Podio data and automatically sends the contract to your lead with RightSignature.

2. Your lead receives an email with a link to read and sign the contract in RightSignature using our award-winning, easy-to-use e-signature software.

3. As soon as your contract is signed, the completed document is automatically returned to you in RightSignature with a full audit log and signature certificate. Additionally, your document will now appear as “Signed” in Podio, with a note including the date and time it was signed.

For help setting up the use case above, or for more information about customizing a workflow to fit your business’s exact needs, check out this post on the GlobiFlow blog.

RightSignature and Podio are two products in the Citrix family dedicated to helping your business work better, faster and more efficiently. The GlobiFlow + RightSignature integration connects the dots between these two popular apps so your business can be more productive than ever.


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