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Why Fax Isn’t Secure Enough For Your Important Documents

By: Unknown / Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Fax machines are clunky, loud and expensive. They’re also a pain to use for you and your customers. These are some reasons to choose e-signatures over delivering documents for signature via fax. But never mind all that — what about security?

In contrast to some common misunderstandings about digital and cloud-based data storage, e-signatures are substantially more secure than fax. The next time your clients tell you they’d prefer to be faxed a confidential document, give them these reasons to use e-signatures instead.

1. Faxing is less direct and more likely to be intercepted.

When you fax an important contract to a client, you have no idea where it’s going. Do your clients keep a fax machine in their own offices or in a shared room, where visitors and coworkers can easily intercept documents?

As fax machines become less common, some businesses opt not to keep them on site at all. Instead, they receive faxes at a local copy and print center — hardly a secure method. Not to mention, what happens to the document if you dial the wrong number?

By contrast, documents sent with RightSignature go directly to your clients’ inboxes, protected with a unique link so they can’t be intercepted by anyone else. There’s no paper, so you don’t have to worry about whether your document was filed or shredded properly afterwards. Your clients can even review, fill out and sign documents with their smartphones. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

2. Fax machines can be vulnerable to security exploits.

While computers can be hacked and subjected to malware, fax machines can have glaring security problems of their own. Modern fax machines are computers in their own right, as they store images of every document they’ve ever sent, received or scanned. Unlike your personal computer, however, most fax machines don’t run security and anti-malware software that can protect against intrusion.

You can implement an intelligent fax security policy for your own fax machine to alleviate some of these problems, but you have no guarantees that your signer will do the same. For the best data security policy, you’re better off avoiding fax technology entirely.

3. E-signatures offer unmatchable security features.

Does your fax machine keep track of the time, date and location of all your signed documents when they’re received, signed and returned? Can it protect your documents by requiring a password for anyone who wishes to access them? How about biometric signature capture that can help verify the identity of the person signing your documents?

The most secure solution for your signed documents is RightSignature, offering all of these security features plus up to 256-bit, bank-level encryption and data security on the renowned AWS infrastructure. RightSignature has never suffered a major outage or security breach and received the highest security rating from the SkyHigh CloudTrust program.

If your organization cares about data security, use RightSignature for every single document you need signed.

North Carolina DMV Adopts E-Signatures

By: Unknown / Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just about everybody needs to go to the DMV to get their license renewed, and just about nobody likes it. While the Department of Motor Vehicles is notorious for long lines and complicated paperwork, at least one state is looking to turn the DMV’s image around by using e-signatures.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory recently signed legislation that will allow e-signatures on common DMV documents such as license renewals and receive copies of their vehicle titles and registration paperwork. As this article notes, Gov. McCrory and North Carolina DMV officials are heavily promoting e-signatures as a way to keep lines shorter and even allow many drivers to forego a trip to DMV offices altogether. With e-signatures, drivers can request and complete the necessary documents at home and sign them with a legally binding electronic signature.

This is great news for drivers in North Carolina. We at RightSignature look forward to seeing e-signatures spread to DMV offices across the country to improve customer service.


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