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North Carolina DMV Adopts E-Signatures

By: Unknown / Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just about everybody needs to go to the DMV to get their license renewed, and just about nobody likes it. While the Department of Motor Vehicles is notorious for long lines and complicated paperwork, at least one state is looking to turn the DMV’s image around by using e-signatures.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory recently signed legislation that will allow e-signatures on common DMV documents such as license renewals and receive copies of their vehicle titles and registration paperwork. As this article notes, Gov. McCrory and North Carolina DMV officials are heavily promoting e-signatures as a way to keep lines shorter and even allow many drivers to forego a trip to DMV offices altogether. With e-signatures, drivers can request and complete the necessary documents at home and sign them with a legally binding electronic signature.

This is great news for drivers in North Carolina. We at RightSignature look forward to seeing e-signatures spread to DMV offices across the country to improve customer service.


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