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From Hours to Minutes: Three Ways E-Signatures Improve Your Work

By: Unknown / Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Image by Roger McLassus via Wikimedia Commons

Technology has transformed business, allowing us to perform everyday office tasks with a few clicks or taps of an electronic device. For example, an e-signature solution allows you to sign and share documents seamlessly within minutes, as opposed to hours or days waiting for pen and paper. You save time and money, with fewer errors and omissions on your important documents. How does this tech tool speed up your workday? Here are a few ways e-signatures improve your document workflow.

You can get documents signed in minutes.

Usually getting documents signed requires a few steps: You have to send it to your customers by e-mail or snail mail, and then they have wait for them to print or make copies, sign it and return it back to you. An electronic signature solution reduces this process down to minutes—customers sign online, and the documents get sent back to you automatically.

You can reduce office expenses.

An electronic signature solution can save your office real money. You’ll instantly knock off the paper and ink costs of printing, not to mention shipping, or staff time wasted on busy work. In a smart, tech-savvy office, you might eliminate the need for printers, scanners and faxes altogether!

You don’t have to juggle paper.

Who handles your important documents before your signer does? Co-workers, assistants, couriers and postal workers are just a few of the people who could lay hands on a document, increasing the chance of it getting damaged, lost or filed incorrectly. An e-signature solution delivers documents straight to your client’s inbox, leaving no room for error.

Time saved is just one of the benefits from an e-signature solution. Not only will you reduce the turnaround time on your documents from hours to minutes, you’ll also make your day—and your clients’ day—easier. Ready to try it for yourself?

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