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5 Big Problems Small Business Can Simplify with HR Software Online

By: Unknown / Thursday, March 31, 2016

Human Resources can be a difficult job, but without it, your business would have no benefits, no paychecks, and no employees. What are the administrative tasks that small business owners and HR professionals alike have the most trouble with? They’re the same problems that can be easily addressed with the right HR systems and software tools.

In today's HR landscape, desktop software is on the way out, with businesses preferring more flexible cloud solutions, bringing their HR software online. As this blog has discussed before, cloud software is a popular choice for businesses concerned about costs, security, and the ability to scale to meet future growth. Here are five problems small businesses face that inspire the need for cloud HR systems.

1) I need to hire and retain great employees!

The cornerstone of any good business is good employees, but the best hires don’t grow on trees. Scouting, recruiting, and hiring is a major pain point for many small businesses—making this a popular task to simplify with HR software. Look for software that can create an easy, web-based application process as well as track your applicants. You can also use tools like Onboardia to train your new hires in an immersive environment with plenty of feedback.

2) I need to make sure everyone gets paid!

Your business won’t get far without paying all your employees on time, but a lot more goes into that process than simply signing the paychecks. Many businesses look for help from software tools for tasks like time tracking, payroll, and benefits management. This type of software is called Human Resources Management Software, or HRMS, with BambooHR a leading cloud option.

3) I need to get my employees to sign these HR documents!

HR is a profession loaded with paperwork that needs to get signed, such as offer letters, NDAs, Form I-9, direct deposit slips, and benefits enrollments—and that’s all before your employee even starts working. Traditionally, these documents are signed on your employee’s first day on the job, leading to a poor onboarding experience, and a poor first impression of your company. However, e-signature software like RightSignature has emerged as a favorite tool for HR professionals to help take care of onboarding documents extremely quickly and with fewer errors and omissions.

4) I need to find a better way for my team to work together!

HR professionals are dedicated to taking care of employees and enabling them to work at their best. With this focus in mind, collaboration software, such as messaging and filesharing apps, are becoming common in HR teams and small businesses. One popular option is ShareFile, which makes it easy for your team to store and share important HR documents securely in the cloud.

5) My company doesn’t have a dedicated HR team!

Every business has its own needs, and some are too small, or change too quickly, for it to make sense to hire a dedicated HR team. The good news is, the right mix of HR tools can ease the burden on a small business by handling any or all of the above problems. The key features to look for in any software tool for HR are integrations. HR integrations are add-ons that connect different cloud software tools to one another, allowing features and data to combine for an incredibly powerful suite of options. All of the HR software tools linked above have active, popular integrations with RightSignature, so you can get started right away.


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