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Porter Davis Homes Builds a New Paperless Workflow with RightSignature

By: Unknown / Friday, April 29, 2016

Porter Davis Homes, a prominent residential building company in Australia, was facing a big challenge. Builders of about 1600 homes per year, Porter Davis decided they needed to consolidate from five regional offices across Australia to a single location, while at the same time shifting the company’s entire workflow model to an activity-based approach, which would better promote the flexibility it felt it needed to continue to thrive. For a company that had already seen success with over ten years in operation, that’s no small task.

In a recent story in Computerworld Australia, Porter Davis Homes IT Manager Warren Arbaitman, detailed how the building company undertook this massive transformation. Discussing the need to increase mobility and reduce paper in their cross-country workflows, Arbaitman explains that Porter Davis Homes adopted RightSignature, alongside other Citrix products such as ShareFile, XenDesktop, and XenApp to help speed the transition along:
[RightSignature and ShareFile] enabled us to digitize customer-facing contracts and things like that so we could keep all of it electronic. With RightSignature we don’t need to print out thick contracts and sit down with clients and have them sign every page. We can use RightSignature to get back a legal copy that we can store electronically. Basically that just wiped out the majority of our paper overnight.”
In a high velocity, location-specific field like construction, paper represents a serious bottleneck for a company operating on such a large geographic scale as Porter Davis. Thanks to the power of RightSignature, alongside other essential Citrix offerings, Porter Davis has been able to deliver on this transition, already reporting increased collaboration and flexibility while helping promote internal standardization.

To read more about Porter Davis Homes and how they identified and addressed these challenges, check out the full article on Computerworld Australia. If you’d like to see how e-signatures can help reduce your company’s reliance on paper and increase mobility, try RightSignature for free today.

Using RightSignature with ShareFile Virtual Data Room

By: Unknown / Monday, April 11, 2016

When a high-stakes deal is on the line, the ultimate goal is a done deal, completed with a signed contract. Along the way, businesses can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to data security. When managing complicated transactions like mergers and acquisitions, real estate and legal affairs, board reporting, and corporate IPOs, a single accidental leak could cost millions of dollars, or result in serious legal liability.

Once upon a time, these deals could only be handled in person, with strict security protocols in place to keep all relevant paperwork and information confined in a single room, called a “data room.” Likewise, all contracts were signed on paper in person. Today, businesses can accomplish these deals more quickly from afar by taking advantage of powerful tools like RightSignature and Citrix ShareFile Virtual Data Room (VDR).

Like traditional data rooms, virtual data rooms provide restricted environments for businesses to discuss sensitive topics. For example, virtual data room services often allow you to secure any relevant documents with incredibly specific permissions—allowing you to restrict access based on a single file, a particular user, or time of day. Virtual data rooms also include logging features that track all access to any internal document. ShareFile VDR also works with the best-in-class ShareFile + RightSignature integration, making it easy to turn sensitive business discussions into a done deal, no matter where each party resides.

For example, imagine your business was closing on an important real estate deal to acquire a new office in a different country. If word of your negotiations went public, it might alert your competitors of your future plans before you’re ready to capitalize. Using a virtual data room service like ShareFile VDR, you could ensure that all your negotiations remain completely confidential and even close the deal without any potential leaks. Add it all up and it’s just another example of RightSignature and ShareFile, plus the virtual data room package, adding value for your business.

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