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Applied Epic + RightSignature Integration Announcement

By: Unknown / Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We are excited to announce that RightSignature has joined leading insurance software provider Applied Systems as the first e-signature integration partner for their award winning Applied Epic application. With these two powerful products working together, insurance agencies and brokerages can get insurance contracts, applications, and other important documents signed quickly and easily online using their favorite agency management software.

Applied Epic is the perfect tool for insurance agencies and brokerages looking for an easy way to manage customer relationships and sales opportunities, as well as handle financial accounting, policy, and benefits administration. With the new RightSignature add-on, you can now easily select important documents stored with Applied Epic and send them for signature using RightSignature.

RightSignature is already a favorite tool in the insurance industry, earning rave reviews from carriers, brokers, and agencies such as RCI Insurance by helping reduce document turnaround time, minimize errors and omissions, and providing automated reminders and document return. Using RightSignature and Applied Epic together, your organization will be able to get your most important documents signed in minutes with easy-to-use, legally binding electronic signatures.

Michael Howe, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Applied Systems, adds,
Applied’s deep integration expertise and numerous prebuilt and custom integrations strengthen the value agencies and brokers can drive in their business with Applied Epic. Integrated and fully automated e-signature capabilities offer the promise of streamlined operations and a better customer experience.”
Interested in using RightSignature and Applied Epic together? Get in touch with a RightSignature sales representative today.

RS Blog - 92% of Sales Professionals Save More Time with RightSignature

By: Unknown / Monday, May 16, 2016

In a recent survey of RightSignature customers, 92% of respondents working in sales reported that RightSignature saves their business at least one hour every week.

Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

Sales is a fast-paced, competitive field in which time is of the essence. The results of our customer  survey show that sales professionals using RightSignature sign documents more quickly and speed up their sales pipeline considerably, with 23% of respondents reporting an incredible five or more hours saved every week.

How RightSignature Speeds Up Your Sales Pipeline

Successful sales professionals know that a lead is more likely to close at the moment they are most excited about a product. With a simple signing process that reduces opportunity for cold feet, RightSignature allows you to instantly send contracts and paperwork online so you can strike while the iron’s hot. With such a fast, streamlined process in place, getting documents signed becomes no problem at all. RightSignature also features add-on integrations with almost every CRM under the sun to automatically send documents, update your records, and import contact information.

The time savings of RightSignature also helps sales professionals pursue more leads by making each contract quicker to complete. Without extra hours spent tracking down unsigned documents, sales professionals can spend more time contacting potential customers and earning more revenue.

Do you have a story about a time RightSignature helped your sales team save time and sell more? Let us know on Twitter and join the conversation!


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