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Welcome to the New RightSignature Office!

By: Unknown / Thursday, July 28, 2016

It’s been a busy time for RightSignature — almost two months ago we moved into a brand new office in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, California. Well, technically, it’s not quite right to call this a new office: we’re in the exact same location that RightSignature called home for several years until we joined the Citrix family.

That’s not to say that the office is the same, of course. Citrix went over the top to make this the coolest place in which any of us have ever worked. Now that we’ve had a little bit of time to make the place start to feel like home, we wanted to show off our new office to you.

We’ll start with a look down the hall at some of our sales and support team members, hard at work. The other side of the office houses the rest of our Santa Barbara team. Keeping people from different departments together under one roof has been a big priority for RightSignature since day one. When we get to work this closely with one another, it’s much easier to share knowledge as well as hang out together. Our whole team feels cohesive and everyone gets to have a fairly good idea about the goals and successes that touch every aspect of the company.

Of course, the view doesn’t hurt either. Those french doors along the back of the office open onto our balcony — with Santa Barbara boasting beautiful weather year-round, it’s a great place to step outside and eat lunch, take a call, or knock out an afternoon crunching spreadsheets or writing blog posts.

It’s pretty remarkable what a high priority Citrix places on our amenities in the office. Take, for example, these swanky desks, which we can raise and lower for our comfort. Some of us, like Mark here, spend a significant part of the day standing up. Every detail, from the chairs to the coffee maker to the headsets, was fully prepared the moment we stepped into the office, so we could keep pushing RightSignature forward as soon as we moved without missing a beat.

We also decided to stage some fake stock photography, just for you. See how Michael is pointing at Jenna’s computer? That’s how you know we’re doing important work!

The RightSignature team couldn’t be more happy with our new office, and we’re glad for the opportunity to show it off. Do you want to come work with us? Find our open listings at http://jobs.citrix.com!


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