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The Case for RightSignature: Respecting Your Customers

By: Unknown / Tuesday, August 23, 2016

By Patrik Tamm (Sille Sikmann) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest post by Nila Holt

As a Customer Success Manager at Citrix, I hear all kinds of real-life problems from our customers — hard working professionals and small business owners who need technology to work for them, rather than the other way around. I’m going to share a story with you today that isn’t any one customer’s experience, but can fit into so many stories that I’ve heard that I can recall it like it’s my own life.

Imagine I run a haberdashery — if for no other reason than I like the word — and you’re my very fine supplier of fabrics. You know my family, I know your family, and we have a wonderful business relationship. It’s time for my felt shipment and now we need to finalize the deal with a contract, to be signed by both me and my husband.

This has been our routine at least once a quarter for years: you send me the contract through email and now you want me to print and sign it. Sounds easy right? Not exactly.

Strike one: Too many things can go wrong

It’s Tuesday morning, 8:55 AM, and all is well in the haberdashery. I get your email, immediately download the contract, and hit print. Just then, an alert pops up on my screen — I have a meeting in two minutes and I need to leave, now. Hopefully nobody sees the contract, because there’s some sensitive business information on it!

Later in the day, I realize I completely forgot to go pick up my contract from the printer. I find it spread across the machine: the telltale sign it’s been handled by someone else. I take up the contract back to my desk and sign it, then throw it in my drawer so I can take it home to the hubby for him to sign and scan it back.

At dinner my husband I are chatting about the contract and I realize the copy I signed is in my desk drawer. I suppose we can just download it again and print out another one. Okay, so far so good, but now we have to scan the contract back into the computer. Like we live into the Stone Age.

I cannot tell you the last time one of us used a scanner at home. I think we wore bellbottoms back then. I need to get our daughter in her bath so she can get to bed. I’m a haberdasher. I don’t have time for this.

Strike two: Too much hassle for your clients

A quick game of “Rock Paper Scissors” determines that my husband will be excavating the scanner while I get the munchkin in the bath. Not like getting a five-year-old to take a bath is an easy task, but I definitely won that exchange. And four hours later, he’s still working on it. Both of us have to sign and return the same piece of paper by 10 AM tomorrow morning, so we can’t exactly blow this off and go to bed. This customer is getting very frustrated with your workflow.

Finally, it is 11 PM. My husband and I have both signed your stupid contract, and sent it back. You will see it at 8:30 AM. My time is valuable and I want to spend it with my family. This is not the first time I have had issues signing one of your contracts, and I deserve to be treated better.

Strike 3: There’s a better way to do this

Let’s try that nightmare over again.

Again, it’s 8:55 AM on a Tuesday and you are sending me — the humble haberdasher — a contract for my quarterly shipment of felt. You log into RightSignature, click Send a Document, and upload the file, just like you would with email. You type my name as well as my husband’s and RightSignature remembers our contact information from the last contract. Then you click send. It takes you about the same amount of time it would take to send an email.

Back in the haberdashery, I get an email from you through RightSignature, requesting me to sign a document. I click the button and open the document, read it, enter a few text fields and my name with my mouse. An alert pops up on my screen: I have a meeting in two minutes that I completely forgot about! Thankfully, I’m almost done. Now that the document is signed, all I have to do is click “Finish” and RightSignature does the rest.

My husband is in the field, sourcing a new supplier for zippers, and his email from you to sign the document comes through on his phone. He sees I signed it so he does the same. He turns his phone to landscape view and scribbles his ugly signature out with his finger. Done.

Now it is 9:10 AM. You received an email from RightSignature that my husband and I have completed our signatures and it is your turn to finalize the process. You click it and sign just like we did. You never even have to move your hand off your mouse.

Think of how much time we both saved. You can take long lunch or recruit new clients. My husband and I get to enjoy our evening at home together. Running a business requires you to maintain a relationship with your clients, and the fact that you respected my time makes me respect your business. We all save time and money, our day is easier, and everyone feels a little bit better.

So that’s one story from the eyes of the Customer Success team. If you’ve ever experienced a story like this, let us know on Twitter and join the conversation!


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