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How medium-sized businesses use RightSignature differently

By: Anna-Marie Holland / Thursday, September 28, 2017

You can excuse the medium-sized business if it feels overshadowed. Thinking about small businesses conjure images of inventive entrepreneurs and warm mom & pop shops, while large enterprises are considered the engines of our economy. Meanwhile, medium-sized businesses — commonly defined as having between 100 and 999 employees — often fall awkwardly in between in the popular consciousness.

But because of their boundaries, medium-sized businesses are often some of the most interesting and dynamic companies in America. Their particular niche in the marketplace often indicates a unique success; and just like with small businesses, RightSignature has a lot to offer any medium-sized business that needs to get documents signed quickly and easily.

Bridging the gap between locations

Many medium-sized businesses have grown too large for a single location, and have to find a way to connect two or more remote offices efficiently without duplicating processes. For example, if a business needs to hire employees at a location away from the central office, do they need to hire a second HR team to manage all the paperwork and compliance? When The Resumator, now known as JazzHR, expanded from Pittsburgh to a second office in San Francisco, here’s what they had to say about adopting RightSignature:

“It was a huge transition… many of our operational costs doubled. From the outside, it sounds like a recipe for disaster. In reality, it’s been just the opposite, and we actually have RightSignature to thank for smoothing out some of that friction. I use RightSignature practically every day for new hire forms, offer letters, NDA's, and many other types of agreements.”

RightSignature can also help close the distance between your offices with our shared templates feature. With one RightSignature account for your whole team, you can add new users from anywhere and share our Reusable Templates across your whole organization — particularly great for boilerplate documents like sales contracts, rental agreements, and more.

Landing and expanding

One great advantage to a medium-sized business is that the company is often large enough to hire more specialized roles than a small business, but employees from different departments are more easily able to interact than in a sprawling corporation. This leads to a great deal of cross-pollination in terms of good ideas and new tools. When we interviewed the HR director of MakerBot about how their business used RightSignature, for example, we learned that we weren’t solely an HR tool for their organization anymore. “RightSignature turned out to be so effective that it’s jumped departments,” she said, “and now our business development team uses it too.”

Do you use RightSignature at your medium-sized business? We’d love to learn more about your business and what makes you tick! Why not say hi to us on Twitter and join the conversation?

How to get e-signatures from within ShareFile

By: Anna-Marie Holland / Friday, September 15, 2017

Four years ago, we first launched the RightSignature + ShareFile integration, and a lot has changed since then. RightSignature joined ShareFile in the Citrix family, and both products have released major new versions in the years since our first partnership. Likewise, the integration between RightSignature and our sister product has continued to grow and evolve in to something even more robust. So, let’s take a look at RightSignature and ShareFile four years later, and see just how easy it is to get your documents signed from directly within ShareFile.

First, log in to ShareFile and find the file you want to send. Then, right click it and, in the menu that pops up, select “Send for Signature”.

And… that’s it. It’s really just that easy!

ShareFile sends the document over to RightSignature automatically, where you can prepare your form fields and signature boxes, then send it like any other document in RightSignature. The document follows the same familiar workflow as RightSignature. As soon as you finish and click “Send”, your recipient is emailed a secure link to review and sign it using any web browser or mobile device.

RightSignature even still sends your recipient automated reminders in case they don’t sign right away. Once they do sign, the finished document is instantly and automatically returned back to you. In fact, you can even set up ShareFile to automatically upload your signed documents to a specified folder.

Need to sign a document in your ShareFile account yourself? Also no problem. Just right-click the document in your ShareFile folder and select “Sign Yourself”. Just like sending a document for signature, ShareFile automatically sends the document to your RightSignature account, where you can fill it out and sign it right away.

If you haven’t seen our integration with ShareFile lately, you haven’t seen the cutting edge of what’s possible when world-class solutions for e-signatures and secure file sharing work together. And if you’ve never experienced it for yourself, you might not be familiar with the huge benefits of combining these two solutions together.

Used together, ShareFile and RightSignature work hand in hand to make every step of your document workflow faster, easier and more secure. Curious to see what it looks like in your business? Contact us today to try ShareFile connected to your RightSignature account for free.

Sign it yourself feature post

By: Anna-Marie Holland / Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What do you do when it’s time to fill out a document and sign it yourself? RightSignature is a huge hit with businesses that need documents signed by others. However, even some of our most loyal fans aren’t aware that RightSignature is the perfect tool to sign documents yourself, too.

Let’s look at three ways RightSignature is the only PDF signing app your business needs.

1. Simple to sign
Setting up a document to sign yourself is just as easy as sending a document to anyone else. Simply log in to your RightSignature account and click Start Document, then select Sign a Document Yourself.

Next, you’ll upload your document and place text fields, checkboxes, and a signature field like normal. The only difference is, this time you get to fill those fields out immediately.

Once you’re done, click “Next: Review”. Then, enter the email address of the party who needs to receive your signed document, and click “Save Document”.

That’s it! Your signed document is instantly sent to the receiving party, and your signed copy will be stored in your RightSignature dashboard for safekeeping. You can also download your signed copy as a PDF file.

2. Streamlined recordkeeping
When you sign documents yourself using RightSignature, the finished document gets stored alongside all your other documents in your dashboard. The RightSignature dashboard is a fantastic tool for keeping all your documents at your fingertips. With our searchable, sortable interface, it’s easy to search for documents by title, contents, recipient, or date.

In industries with tight regulations on document archiving and recordkeeping, this functionality is a huge help. The ability to keep documents you’ve signed yourself alongside the documents you send helps keep all your records in one place for easy searching. And every completed RightSignature document, even those you send yourself, is certified with a secure audit log and paper trail for easy third-party verification.

3. Secure delivery
When you send an unsecured email to another party or a client, you’re also sending an invitation for it to be intercepted. Email notoriously lacks many common security protocols such as in-transit data encryption, and as your message travels across the internet to its destination, it can be cached and downloaded by unscrupulous actors en route. The same goes for your email attachments — many security experts consider signed documents with sensitive data such as payment information or your Social Security Number consider email too large of a risk.

Instead, RightSignature protects your documents with our secure servers, offering bank-level security with our data encryption and security protocols. Additionally, you can be sure with RightSignature that your document is going directly to your recipient, and not sitting unprotected in a public fax machine.

Do you use RightSignature to send documents yourself? Let us know what kind of documents you use it for on Twitter and join the conversation!

How small businesses use RightSignature differently

By: Anna-Marie Holland /

RightSignature offers plans for businesses of every size, because we know each organization has its own unique e-signature needs. How do you know which plan is right for your business? Here are a few ways our small business customers find something unique to love in RightSignature.

Wear a lot of different hats, with style

Not every business is large enough to have a team of account managers, an executive assistant, a sales team, and an HR manager. Sometimes, these might all even be the same person! If that sounds familiar, don’t worry -- RightSignature has you covered.

Many small businesses are concerned about time. There are only so many hours in the workday, and the tiresome work of pursuing your clients and colleagues to sign that overdue contract or wait around by the fax machine for a purchase order are rarely high priorities. Without a large enough staff to delegate, small businesses are discovering RightSignature as the perfect tool to cut down on busy work and focus on the productive parts of your business.

Run a global business from your local office

Just because you run your business out of a single office doesn’t mean your growth has to end at the city limits. Another key advantage for small businesses using RightSignature is the ability to get documents signed by parties around the world just as easily as if they were across the street. Whether your business needs to hire remote employees and contractors, accommodate traveling clients, or expand your customer base to new horizons, RightSignature has you covered.

In some cases, like our longtime customers Wicked Wingsuits, RightSignature is instrumental in helping a niche business reach a thriving clientele. Others, like Holden Moss CPAs, use RightSignature as a launching pad to enormous growth, servicing clients internationally that would otherwise be impossible. In any case, small businesses are finding that e-signatures are knocking down those old geographic barriers for good.

Simplify your workday with easy, straightforward e-signatures

What cloud file sharing tool do you use to store and sync your files? Make use of a CRM? Whatever tool you use, it’s likely to find a friend in RightSignature. With our laundry list of integrations with dozens of other popular business apps, RightSignature makes it easy to work the way you want to, saving even more time by connecting your data seamlessly.

These features are crucial for small businesses, who rarely have the time and resources to overhaul their tech tools. By combining RightSignature with our sister product, Citrix ShareFile, many businesses add an additional layer of functionality, alongside a simplified billing process and even more savings.

The world looks different to a small business, but with the right tools, it can be very successful. Do you use RightSignature for your small business? Sound off on Twitter and let us know how. Are you an e-signature aficionado at a different sized business? Check back soon at this blog for more posts about how businesses of every size use RightSignature.

Announcing the RightSignature Signature Stories Scholarship Winners

By: Unknown / Friday, July 7, 2017

Guest post by Lauren Pritchett, SEO Specialist at Citrix.

When our First Annual Signature Stories Scholarship launched this spring, we asked eligible students to write an essay about an important signature they have either given or received. We feel honored that so many talented students shared their truly inspiring stories with us. After reading hundreds of heartfelt stories that made the judges laugh out loud and tear up with empathy, we are thrilled to announce our winners and share an excerpt of each of their essays.

$5,000 1st Place Winner: Ivona Ogramic of Seattle University School of Law

Eighteen years later, I write this as a citizen of the United States. I write this a second-year law student who, in a year’s time, will be taking the oath to uphold and support the Constitution of the United States. I write this as a future lawyer who will fight, relentlessly, for the country that gave a young refugee like me a chance at a second life. There are children now across the globe that are waiting for that very same signature that my family received. Only now, the United States does not have its arm out ready to embrace kids, much like myself twenty-five years ago, who are caught in the crossfire and live in inescapable tragedies because of wars they did not start and wars they have no stake in.  Only now, the signature of approval is not so easily given. I recognize the dire similarities that other young children and their families share with the situation my family and I were trapped in. The signature we received has played a pivotal role in shaping my life. I have made it my goal through my legal education and profession to help those who, like me, yearn for that one signature that will help them escape chaos.

Without that one signature, I would have not received a second chance at life. I would have never had the opportunity to be the first person in my family to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. I would have never had the opportunity to be the first person in my family to attend a doctorate program. I would have never had the opportunity to help impact the lives of others through my profession, my advocacy, and my passion for a cause. Most important of all, I would have never received a chance to live life the way everyone should live their lives.

A few can say that a signature saved their life. I am an individual that can say that a signature saved my life.

$3,000 2nd Place Winner: Michael Simon of Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Then something strange happened. My grand, self-assured signature looked less grand and self-assured. My smooth stroke became shaky again, and my words grew smaller and constricted, almost apologetic. A doctor sent me to another doctor who sent me to another doctor, who drew a conclusion: Parkinson’s Disease.

My right arm and my right leg stiffened and shook with ever greater severity. Writing became difficult, as did walking. Medications had notable but limited effect. The shaking disrupted my concentration and I began to lose work as an editor. While I could hide my shaking hand from my students, my shaking leg threw off my balance. There were times when, standing or walking in front of a class, I nearly toppled. I had to reconsider my career.

Over the years, I’ve worked to create an office where students would feel welcome, where they could stop in to talk about school or their future, and leave feeling hopeful. But now I want to take it further. I’ve been teaching students to be better writers and public speakers. I want to teach them to live happier and more productive lives.

This Fall I’ll begin my Master of Social Work, on the path to becoming a therapist. I’ll teach people to develop their strengths and work with their shortcomings. Instead of following one counselor’s suggestion that I apply for Disability, I’m taking this opportunity to move forward in life, to create a new beginning. I’ll contribute to society.

People with Parkinson’s Disease tend to take small steps, write small, become small. So it’s again deliberate that I fill in my Social Security number on my college forms and spread out my signature, taking my rightful space at the bottom of the page. I don’t apologize for my disability. I work with it. My signature declares This Is Who I Am.

$2,000 3rd Place Winner: Jenna Holliman of William & Mary

I was found in a box when I was 3 days old. The box was in a dark, crowded farmer’s market, damp from the rain outside the open doors. In the box with me were some old, worn baby clothes — dress, tights, shirt — and a rectangular red note that said “This little girl was born [Date Omitted]. Thank you good hearted person.”

This was China during the middle of the One Child, One Family policy, and little girls — at least the lucky ones — were being found all over China, in bus stations and farmer’s markets, abandoned because they were not boys. I was lucky I wasn’t killed — the fate of thousands of other baby girls.

The handwriting on the note has long since faded, leaving only a red strip of paper. And, of course, the writer could not sign his or her actual name since it was (and still is) against the law to abandon a child in China. They would have been arrested and thrown in jail. But the fact that my birth parents wrote the note and left it with me is incredibly important to me. It tells me a lot about them. It tells me all I will ever know about them.

I also have been told by a Chinese friend that the writing on the note looked rushed, as if someone had written it in a hurry. Did my birth mother write the note, while my birth father impatiently waited to take me to the market? I suspect my mother would have wanted to keep me, while my father was probably more practical and felt, as most Chinese families did, that a boy was needed to help support the family by performing manual labor in their rural village.

The note also tells me that they wanted me to know the date of my birth. They couldn’t give me much, but they could give me that vital piece of information about my past, and they chose to do so. I am so grateful that I know what day I was born.
Thank you again to everyone who submitted a Signature Story for our consideration, and we can’t wait to see the tremendous impact you all have in this world. Stay tuned for details on next year’s scholarship, coming in the spring of 2018.

3 Ways Your Business Can Use RightSignature + Stripe to Collect Payments

By: Unknown / Thursday, May 11, 2017

Have you ever needed to collect a payment or capture credit card information from your customers using a credit card authorization form, deposit agreement, or other signed document? Did you know you can accomplish both processes in one easy step using RightSignature?

One of our most powerful forms is also one of our most often overlooked. Thanks to our integration with Stripe, the RightSignature Collect Payments feature allows your business to process payments from any credit card easily and securely. Your customers simply fill out your document as normal, then input their credit card information just like any other field on your document. Unlike collecting this same data using a normal text field, your customer’s payment information is tunneled securely into the payment processing service Stripe, aiding in ease, security, and PCI compliance.

When should you use Collect Payments? Here are three useful scenarios.

1: Send a credit card authorization form and charge your customers in one step

Inside sales is a fast-paced, high-contact field in which a small team can reach a lot of leads around the country very quickly. However, in order to finish off a sale using a credit card, many teams require a signed credit card authorization form to approve the payment. Gathering that information can often introduce friction at a crucial moment in the sales pipeline, and if the process drags on, it could lead to cold feet.

For this reason, sales teams love RightSignature with the Collect Payments feature enabled. Not only does RightSignature integrate with many CRM tools to help you capture a signed, legally binding credit card authorization form in minutes, but as soon as the document is signed, the document signer’s card is charged using Stripe. It’s a perfect way to shave unnecessary hours and steps off your sales process so your team can move on to making more money.

2: Set up a recurring payment on your rental agreement

Do you run a property management company? Or perhaps another kind of rental-based business? You can use RightSignature to get your rental agreement template signed in minutes, plus set up a recurring transaction to auto-charge your new tenant in one step.

Simply set up your rental agreement in RightSignature using the Collect Payments feature, then edit your payment field to collect your signer’s card information. Next, login to Stripe and set up a recurring payment, and you’re all set! In just a few minutes you’ve taken care of all your most frustrating paperwork, and made life easier for your renter by automating the payment process as well!

3: Collect a deposit on your waiting list agreement

RightSignature customer Turtle Rock Elementary School is one of the most acclaimed centers for early childhood education in Orange County, California. Chief among their innovations is a cutting-edge view of technology to simplify complicated and difficult processes. So when school owner Maajed Abuhusayn found himself buried in hundreds of paper applications to the school’s waiting list, he knew he had to make a change, and that’s how he found RightSignature. Said Abuhusayn,
“We have 250 families on our waiting list, and [before RightSignature] each one would complete the waiting list form and pay our fee in a different way. One family would hand in a paper form with a check attached, another would write down a credit card number, and we had to file the paperwork and process payments in 2 or 3 different sources, then reconcile everything in our records once the payment cleared.
RightSignature and Collect Payments simplifies everything into one form, and the payment processing is done for us in real time. It’s simple and helpful for parents, because they get confirmation that they’ve been added to the waiting list as soon as it happens.”
These are just three examples of how Collect Payments from RightSignature is an indispensable tool for businesses, simplifying complicated workflows down to a quick, almost automatic process. How does your business use this exciting feature? Let us know on Twitter and join the conversation!

The True Cost of Paper

By: Unknown / Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How much does using paper cost your company every year? It sounds like it should be an easy item to calculate: add up the number of reams your company bought and you’re all set. According to one source, the average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper per year, and U.S. businesses collectively spend over $120 billion on paper forms per year, most of which have to be replaced every year anyway.

Look deeper, though, and the true cost of paper is even more shocking. In business, every decision has an opportunity cost. What is the cost of paper compared to the alternatives? By understanding the hidden costs of paper, we can learn what can be gained from going paperless.

Paper takes up a lot of space

If you’re in the office right now, go ahead and find the nearest file cabinet and say hello. Chances are, it’s bulky and beige and probably not very attractive. It’s also not cheap. Each four-drawer file cabinet in your office takes up about nine square feet of space in your office, which means on average it costs about $1500 each year in rent alone. If your office is in a particularly expensive area, that number can go way, way up.

If it ever feels like you spend too much of your time in the office chasing down paper, it’s probably because you do: according to a study, a typical employee spends 30-40 percent of their time looking for information. Additionally, a misfiled document costs $125, and for every twelve filing cabinets, your business will require another new employee just to maintain them.

Paper is fragile and easy to lose

The worst case scenario with paper is losing an important document entirely. Unfortunately, it’s also outrageously common: on average, large organizations lose a document every twelve seconds. Each time, you can expect your business to lose between $350 and $700.

Since paper is so costly to replace, it would sure be nice if it wasn’t susceptible to just about every natural disaster imaginable. Instead, your paper records are completely ruined in the case of a fire or flood. The Paperless Project estimates that 70 percent of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks if they experienced a catastrophic loss of their paper documents to fire or flood.

Paper is slow, and it affects too much

If you don’t remember office work before the advent of email, have a chat with someone who does. Otherwise, Bill Du Val, a lawyer from Portland, Oregon, has you covered. “The difference between the 1990s and today is that things move more quickly, the primary advantage being the ability to attach documents,” says Du Val. He added, “Fax machines suck, have always sucked, and will always suck.”

Consider how quickly your work moves today, then imagine what would happen if every single correspondence you needed for work took seven to ten days to deliver by postal mail. Now imagine that speed gain reflected in every aspect of your business that still uses paper. If you’re still mailing contract and documents to sign by hand, there’s a faster way to work.

Paper usage is a leading contributor to environmental concerns

18 million acres of forest are lost each year to our growing paper consumption, which contributes 12-17 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, discarded paper contributes about 35 percent of all solid waste in U.S. landfills. If your business feels like you’re doing your part to reduce that burden, it’s still likely not enough: the U.S. has less than five percent of the world’s population, yet consumes over 30 percent of the world’s paper.

Paper is the way of the past for any world citizen, and especially any savvy business. Instead, the future is in paperless solutions. Have you calculated the true cost of paper for your business? If so, let us know on Twitter and join the conversation!

RightSignature for iOS Update: In-Person Signing for iPhone and iPad

By: Unknown / Thursday, April 27, 2017

With the new version of RightSignature finished and open for business, we decided to turn our attention to our mobile apps to help bring the innovations and advancements of our cutting edge e-signature software to your smartphones and tablets. Recently we launched a major update for our iPhone and iPad apps, with a similar update for our Android app to follow very soon.

The biggest difference you’ll find in the new RightSignature app is a faster, smoother mobile experience, rebuilt from the ground up to match the look and feel of the new RightSignature. However, this new version also includes an exciting new feature: in-person signing. Let’s dive into this new feature and explore what RightSignature mobile apps can do to help your business succeed.

Faster, smoother, easier to use

As we discussed in our previous blog post on User Experience, the new version of RightSignature underwent a huge redesign with the intent to make RightSignature easier to use for you and your signers. That includes new features such as professional custom branding and a new menu flow to make it easier to set up and send documents.

The new RightSignature app for iPhone and iPad mirrors these advancements, with a slick, professional interface that makes it easier for you to do business from anywhere. Don’t worry, though — if your business still uses the previous version of RightSignature, the new app works with that too!

Also, with the opportunity to rebuild the app nearly from scratch, we’ve been able to add a number of performance improvements to make it run faster and more smoothly on your mobile device. That means all of the features you’ve come to expect from our mobile apps, including a full searchable review of your RightSignature dashboard and the ability to send document templates for signature from anywhere, are easier to use than ever.

In-Person Signing completes your mobile workflow

RightSignature is great for connecting you to your clients and coworkers from far away, but we can also help you do business in person. The new versions of our mobile apps contain a feature called In-Person Signing, previously only available on the iPad, which allows you to prepare a document on your mobile device, then hand it over to your signer to fill out and sign.

In-Person Signing is a great way to help you keep all your signed documents organized and accessible, even when you’re meeting clients face-to-face or working in the field. This new feature doesn’t just let you work from anywhere, it creates a fully mobile workflow to help your team get work done more quickly and efficiently in any situation.

Why go mobile?

Is your business taking advantage of all the tools available to you? One big benefit of RightSignature is the ability to use our e-signature software from anywhere, on any device. We aim to create our mobile apps to help your business succeed in any scenario, like this story Aria CEO Ryan Thompson told us about using his smartphone to get a contract signed in minutes while waiting for an airplane.

If you’d like to see what our mobile apps can do to help your business, download the free RightSignature app for iPhone and iPad from the Apple iTunes app store today.

RightSignature and the New ShareFile: Collaborate the Right Way

By: Unknown / Tuesday, April 25, 2017

While we’ve been focusing in this blog on the new version of RightSignature, our sister product ShareFile has released a big, exciting new version as well. A longtime leader in file sync and sharing for businesses, the new ShareFile adds collaboration tools and an upgraded dashboard to help your business become more productive, more flexible, and more secure. Even better, the new ShareFile teams up with RightSignature to add fast, easy electronic signatures to your business collaboration toolkit.

New web-based dashboard puts your work at your fingertips

One of the most exciting additions to the new ShareFile is an improved dashboard and interface that you’ll see every time you log into your account. Our team put your most frequently accessed files and workflows front and center so you can get to work right away.
  • Easily access your recently opened files
  • Do more in less time with a clean, straightforward dashboard
  • Get quick, step-by-step help with tutorials and support links available upon log-in

New feature: Feedback and Approval Workflows

Listening to your input, we realized that our customers use ShareFile for more than just sharing and syncing files — ShareFile is a tool for helping your business collaborate to get more done. With that in mind, we decided to create a simple, guided process that helps you accomplish a common workflow: the process of getting feedback and approval on a document.

Select any document in ShareFile and choose to get feedback and approval on that file. The new ShareFile takes you through a guided process that helps you get in-line feedback and comments quickly, with automatic notifications and effortless version control. And if you need to get your document signed as well, it’s easy to connect ShareFile to your RightSignature account for a fast, easy online signature.
  • Get feedback, request approvals, and e-signatures — all within the ShareFile web interface
  • Track feedback and approvals in real time, set due dates, and send automatic notifications
  • Eliminate the need to send documents via email and track for version control

New feature: Content Viewer

When you access ShareFile through your web browser, you can now view your files quickly without waiting for them to download or opening them in another program. The new ShareFile can now natively access and display over 60 different file types, from everyday work files like PDF files, Microsoft Word documents and spreadsheets, as well as many industry specific file types used for complicated tasks like architectural renderings. Of course, these files work with Feedback and Approval Workflows as well, allowing you to get more done without the need to leave ShareFile.

For RightSignature customers, that means it’s even easier to browse through your contracts to make sure you’ve selected the right one to send. It’s just one way we try to go the extra mile to help your business work as efficiently as possible.

Interested in learning more about the new ShareFile? You can try it for yourself for free today.

How Hernandez & Company CPAs Defeat Deadline Day with RightSignature

By: Unknown / Thursday, April 20, 2017

Talk to any tax accountant and a few dates on the calendar are likely to induce a panic — the biggest being April 15. Accounting is a field focused around deadlines, but unfortunately, your clients don’t share the same focus. When you have dozens of returns to finish, even one interruption, such as a client dallying on signing and returning an e-file authorization, can disrupt everything.

Because of this focus on deadlines, it’s no surprise that accountants put a premium on tools that can help them get time-consuming tasks completed quickly and easily. To solve the frustratingly inefficient process of getting documents signed, one accounting firm, Hernandez & Company CPAs, turned to RightSignature.

Danay Morales, Director of Operations at Hernandez & Company, told us all about how her firm uses e-signatures to save time and money in response to a recent survey.
"On our tax deadline we needed several documents signed by clients to authorize us to efile tax returns. Client was able to conveniently access and sign those authorization forms wherever they were. We received signed documents within minutes, allowing us to electronically file their tax returns in a timely manner. "
The survey, conducted in November of 2015 through third party survey service TechValidate, showed a strong pattern among accounting firms using RightSignature. Many respondents in accounting, like Danay, reported that using RightSignature made it easier for their firm to service remote clients, provide data security and compliance, and get time-sensitive documents signed promptly — necessities for any accountant staring down at deadline day. Check out Danay’s full response to the survey, below:

Customer Proof verified by TechValidate.

If you’d like to see how RightSignature can help your firm prepare for the next big deadline, you can try it for free today.

Citrix Loves RightSignature: The Comic Book Quandary

By: Unknown / Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We don't just make RightSignature because it's a great tool for your business, we made RightSignature because it's a tool we at Citrix need in our daily lives. Allow me to break the fourth wall and introduce myself: Hi, I’m Steve Stormoen, a writer/editor at Citrix and RightSignature, and the regular maintainer of this blog. Here’s a story from my own life in which RightSignature came to the rescue.

After working at RightSignature for almost five years, I’ve slowly started to view normal, garden variety PDF contracts with a healthy degree of suspicion. Nothing works the way it’s supposed to: it’s too difficult to fill out documents and too easy to leave important fields incomplete. I’m expected to include sensitive data like my credit card information, then send it unsecured through email. And maintaining records of all the documents I’ve signed and returned is much more difficult than it needs to be.

A couple years ago I started writing and self-publishing comic books. Among my main channels for sales and distribution are comics conventions, which sell vendor tables to artists and publishers. You may have heard of the massive San Diego Comic-Con, but there are smaller conventions every weekend all across the country. I try to attend at least a few every year — it’s a great excuse to take a weekend and travel, see some old friends, and build my audience.

Unfortunately, the application process for most conventions is downright painful. The event organizer emails you a blank PDF application — no further instructions. After suffering through it a couple times, I remembered, wait a minute! I have a world-class tool for this exact situation, right at my fingertips.

Now, whenever a convention organizer emails me an application PDF, I log straight into RightSignature. Using the “Sign a document yourself” option, I quickly set up and sign the application with the convention organizer listed as a CC. It’s signed, completed, and delivered immediately, I don’t have to worry about my payment information being intercepted over email, and it makes me look good to the convention organizers, too. In fact, I got a “comics professional” discount once that I’m not entirely sure I deserved.

So there you have it. If you ever find yourself at a comics convention, why not take a stroll through Artist’s Alley and take a look for me? But if you’re ever organizing a comics convention, for the sake of your vendors, please just use RightSignature.

We're back! Ready to sign?

By: Rebecca Bungert / Wednesday, March 1, 2017

You may have noticed that a solid portion of the internet seemed to be missing yesterday, including RightSignature.

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a cloud service provider that allows major software companies around the world to maintain scalable and highly available products for their customers. We’re on that list, along with Quora, Slack, and even IoT thermostats and light bulbs. A portion of AWS went on the fritz yesterday for a few hours and left you staring at a spinning browser, unable to send or sign documents.

AWS typically maintains a very high availability rate, which is the benefit of using such a provider. It is highly unusual for AWS to fail for long periods of time, meaning Citrix can provide you with reliable e-signature service through AWS.

While we can’t control Amazon’s shipping times or their server outages, we aim to maintain communication with you through any service disruption. We maintain a RightSignature status page that refreshes regularly and we are always available in real-time on Twitter and Facebook.

We are fully recovered from the AWS outage. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team or social media channels with any questions. 

Announcing the Citrix RightSignature Signature Stories Scholarship

By: Unknown / Thursday, February 16, 2017

The RightSignature team is excited to announce a brand new initiative: the Citrix RightSignature Signature Stories Scholarship. We’re inviting young people to submit a short essay on the topic of  individuality, personal integrity, and the use of a signature, and we’re awarding a total of $10,000 in scholarship money to the winners.

Submissions to the scholarship contest are due by May 15, 2017, and will be decided by a panel of judges, including RightSignature founder Daryl Bernstein. In late June we will announce the three winning essays. For more details, check out our scholarship page.

Citrix is dedicated to helping build a culture of success, integrity, and entrepreneurialism both within our company and beyond. Please help us spread the word and make sure the young people in your life know about this opportunity to tell their important stories — as well as earn some money to help them build the next stage of their journeys!

Q&A With the RightSignature Customer Care Team

By: Unknown / Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Guest post by Zander Furlong, Customer Care Specialist at Citrix.

As a member of our Customer Care team, it’s my job to help you get the most out of RightSignature for the easiest, most productive work day possible. To that end, I offered to write this guest blog post to address some of the most common questions I get, and hopefully make it even easier for you to use RightSignature.

As you might have read previously on this blog, we recently released a brand new version of RightSignature full of different features and a sleek new user interface. To celebrate the new RightSignature, I’ll take this opportunity to focus on answering some of the most common questions we have heard about the newer version.

Question: I’d like a basic tutorial on how to use RightSignature or one of its features.
Your best resource for answering questions you may have would be our Support Articles and Videos archive. We’ve worked very hard to put together tutorials for almost every feature in RightSignature on one helpful page. Of course, we on the Customer Care team are always here to answer your questions and help walk you through anything you don’t understand, but you might be able to answer your question quickly yourself as well!

Question: Can I send more than one document to the same sender at the same time in a package? 
You asked and we listened! The new RightSignature now allows you to upload multiple documents at once for signature and supports varying page sizes in both landscape and portrait style orientation.

Question: How do I countersign a document that I’m also sending to another party for signature?
Previously, signing a document yourself in RightSignature was a complicated process, but no longer! In the new version, we’ve added an easy menu option to quickly prepare documents to sign yourself. However, for documents that are also sent to another party for signature, there are a few more tricks we can share with you.

The new version of RightSignature adds a new toolbox during document preparation full of fields that you can add to the document and fill out yourself prior to sending that document to your signer. These tools are called the “annotation” fields. When preparing your document for signature, you may now annotate your own signature, checkboxes or text fields on the document prior to sending for signature. This removes an unnecessary step from your document signing, making it just a little bit easier to use RightSignature.

Question: What’s your favorite new feature in RightSignature?
Personally, I think the new Field Detection is really cool. Instead of slowly adding and positioning each field to your document, you can click the Field Detection slider in the right-hand menu to make the document setup process go much faster. With the Field Detection feature enabled, all you need to do is click each line or box where you plan to place a field and our smart software will automatically place a field of the appropriate size right on the document!

Question: What happened to Online Forms?
In the newer RightSignature, we have made a conscious decision to reduce confusion by combining Online Forms into our Template feature. The same features from Online Forms still apply with some new added ways of distributing your templates.

Question: My company has an account with the older version of RightSignature. How do I access the new version?
If your company’s RightSignature account is using the older version of RightSignature but you’d like to try the new one for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial any time at RightSignature.com. If you’d like some help on the phone making up your mind, you can always give us a call.

Question: How can I learn more?
We encourage you to attend one of our free Daily Training Webinars. We’ll cover topics like these and more and you can learn in a guided setting from our experts on the Customer Care team. And if you have a question for us, you can always contact RightSignature Customer Support anytime, 24/7. Thank you for reading!

New Feature: Professional Custom Branding Puts Your Best Face Forward

By: Unknown / Thursday, January 26, 2017

One of the new features we’re most excited about in the new RightSignature is Professional Custom Branding. As we mentioned in our introduction to the new RightSignature, these updated branding options are designed to put the relationship between you and your signers at the forefront. How do we do that? Let’s take a look at the new branding options in RightSignature and what they each mean for your business.

Send documents with your logo, not ours

Your clients are familiar with your company, not ours, so we want your logo to be front and center on every document you send. With a customized, almost white-label experience, your RightSignature documents look like a tool that truly belongs to you. This helps build trust with your clients, as well as show off the professionalism of your company. After all, it never hurts to look good.

Create a consistent look and feel with your website

When you need to get a document signed, whether it’s online or in person, the most important factor in your transaction is trust. Our new branding options allow you to customize the colors on the signing screen of every document you send, as well as every email your clients receive from you. The effect is a consistent look and feel with your company’s brand and your website, so your signers know even from the first glance that the document belongs to you.

Add a photo of you for a personal touch

Finally, our new branding features give you the option of adding a photo of yourself to your document signing pages and emails. This simple personal touch helps create and reinforce a personal connection between you and your client. For remote signers, the client can put a human face to a business they’ve never met in person. For local clients, it’s a way to help build trust and loyalty, so your customers feel comfortable coming back year after year.

To access the branding options on your RightSignature account, login to RightSignature and select Account in the top menu, then click the Branding tab. If you want to try out the new RightSignature or you’d like to enable these branding options on your account, contact us today.

Location, Location, Location: Hello from the RightSignature Care Team

By: Unknown / Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If we learned anything from the tumultuous year of 2016, it’s that location matters. Geography often determines more about us than we realize. If that premise holds true for individuals, it must be true of companies too.
Before we talk about the company, let me tell you about the individual authoring this post. I’m Miles. I began work at RightSignature on September 12 of this year as a Product Support Specialist. To put it bluntly, I’m the guy that answers the phone to fix the ‘thing’ when it stops working the way you thought it should. A problem solver.

Can’t sign a document? Here is a bevy of online resources to help with that: https://vimeo.com/rightsignature. Still having trouble? Let me hop onto your screen and walk you through it step by step. Want to learn more about pricing? Here is a member of our sterling sales team to discuss the ins and outs of what make us valuable to you.
As a problem solver, my mandate reads like this: make it easier. Thankfully, my employer ascribes to the same mantra. Citrix seeks to make work better, faster and most of all: easier. And RightSignature, our product, fits quite nicely into the company mold. We don’t seek to just make your life easier, rather we seek to make life easier.
In that vein, I’ve had the great privilege of living in some of the most beautiful and spectacular places in the world: London, San Francisco, even Hawaii! But there is no place more perfectly suited to deliver a life made easier than Santa Barbara, California. We live the easy life, we know it, we’re proud of it but more importantly, we wonder why everyone else doesn’t join us in this paradise of ours!
Fortunately, with Citrix, we can come to you! RightSignature, along with Citrix’s full catalog of cloud based computing basically eliminates your need for a pen or paper. The hours wasted waiting for documents to be signed by the right person at the right time can now be utilized for other things, like actual work! Our e-signature solution cuts out the marked cost of being physically present to sign a document.
That last part is what RightSignature co-founder Daryl Bernstein envisioned when he was stuck having to sign waivers for a gymnastics lesson for his daughter. He probably thought the same thing we’ve all asked ourselves at some point: Can’t I just do this on my phone?
Thanks to Daryl and the RightSignature team here in Santa Barbara; the answer is always the easy one: yes.

Introducing the New RightSignature

By: Unknown / Thursday, January 12, 2017

Two years ago, the RightSignature team asked some dangerous questions: What will the next generation of e-signature software look like? How could it beat us? And what new value could it bring to our customers? We thought long and hard about these questions. Then we set out to build that app ourselves.

At RightSignature, we’re proud of our history of innovation. We have a tradition of being first to market with features which quickly became industry standard. But innovation, by definition, isn’t content with just being history. So we launched the newest version of RightSignature this week to bring an even easier, faster, and better e-signature experience to you, our customers.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll take a look at the new features and design choices that make the new RightSignature special. In the meantime, we wanted to share a brief preview of some of of the highlights.

Professional Custom Branding

E-Signatures have come a long way since we first launched RightSignature in 2008, and it’s more important that an e-signature app shows off the people using it, not the people who made it. So for RightSignature accounts with Professional Custom Branding enabled, we took our logo off the signing screen and put yours front and center, among a number of other new branding options.

These new features prioritize the relationship between you and your client. We want your signers to know immediately that the documents you sent them actually came from you, and our new branding options make for an almost white-label e-signature experience for you and your signers.

Improved Document Sending

To make the easiest, fastest way to sign documents online even easier, we completely redesigned our document sending process. The new RightSignature also combines all of the functionality from RightSignature Online Forms into our Reusable Templates, so you have fewer items you need to keep track of. You can now use Reusable Templates to embed documents on your website, mass-distribute signing links, and compare Template responses in real-time.

Easier Access to Integrations

RightSignature has always been renowned for our robust API and full-featured integrations with other popular web software products. When we released our previous version, however, software integrations weren’t nearly as popular, so we didn’t prioritize easy access to them as highly.

Today, integrations with other software products aren’t a niche service, they’re a vital part of the app ecosystem in many businesses. We decided to make our integrations easier to access and easier to install, to help more of our customers find and utilize these important features.

Along with a whole new look and feel to RightSignature, these are three key features we added to RightSignature to keep providing you the easiest, fastest way to sign documents online, today and for years to come. Interested? Take a tour with a free trial today.

How RightSignature Helps Financial Services Firms Manage Remote Clients

By: Unknown / Monday, January 9, 2017

For professionals working in the Financial Services industry, remote clients are a way of life. Firms dedicated to banking, brokerage, investments, and other financial services usually tend to cluster in large cities — especially cities with significant trading markets, such as New York, London, or Tokyo. However, individuals and companies in need of those services are scattered all across the world.

With that in mind, it should be no surprise that, in a recent survey of RightSignature customers, 80 percent of respondents from the Financial Services field reported that RightSignature made it easier for them to service remote clients.
Customer Content verified by TechValidate.

In the survey, conducted in November 2015 by third party survey service TechValidate, 52 Financial Services professionals were included in a field of 288 respondents. Among that group, those in Financial Services were more likely than nearly any other industry to report that RightSignature helped them service remote clients more easily.

Why does RightSignature make it so easy to work with clients anywhere in the world? To start, RightSignature delivers your important documents to your clients, anywhere in the world, instantly. No more waiting for the mail to arrive or worrying about your client’s fax line — RightSignature makes it easy to send, sign, and return your important documents in the blink of an eye.

RightSignature also eases the burden on servicing remote clients because of our dedication to making sure RightSignature works on any device — PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, you name it. We realize that you can’t predict what your client is using to sign your Financial Services contracts, so we make it easy to sign RightSignature documents no matter what device your clients are using. With RightSignature, all you have to do is send the document, and we take care of the rest.

Undoubtedly, these qualities are welcome to the Financial Services industry, with its prevalence of remote clients and emphasis on top-of-the-line service. One business professional in a Financial Services firm, who could not be named due to company policy, responded to the above survey with a glowing review:
Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

Whether you work in Financial Services or not, if you have any remote clients, you probably know how much RightSignature turns the impossible task of all that paperwork into a piece of cake. Do you have a story about a time RightSignature helped you service a client from far, far away? Let us know on Twitter and join the conversation!


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