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Announcing the Citrix RightSignature Signature Stories Scholarship

By: Unknown / Thursday, February 16, 2017

The RightSignature team is excited to announce a brand new initiative: the Citrix RightSignature Signature Stories Scholarship. We’re inviting young people to submit a short essay on the topic of  individuality, personal integrity, and the use of a signature, and we’re awarding a total of $10,000 in scholarship money to the winners.

Submissions to the scholarship contest are due by May 15, 2017, and will be decided by a panel of judges, including RightSignature founder Daryl Bernstein. In late June we will announce the three winning essays. For more details, check out our scholarship page.

Citrix is dedicated to helping build a culture of success, integrity, and entrepreneurialism both within our company and beyond. Please help us spread the word and make sure the young people in your life know about this opportunity to tell their important stories — as well as earn some money to help them build the next stage of their journeys!

Q&A With the RightSignature Customer Care Team

By: Unknown / Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Guest post by Zander Furlong, Customer Care Specialist at Citrix.

As a member of our Customer Care team, it’s my job to help you get the most out of RightSignature for the easiest, most productive work day possible. To that end, I offered to write this guest blog post to address some of the most common questions I get, and hopefully make it even easier for you to use RightSignature.

As you might have read previously on this blog, we recently released a brand new version of RightSignature full of different features and a sleek new user interface. To celebrate the new RightSignature, I’ll take this opportunity to focus on answering some of the most common questions we have heard about the newer version.

Question: I’d like a basic tutorial on how to use RightSignature or one of its features.
Your best resource for answering questions you may have would be our Support Articles and Videos archive. We’ve worked very hard to put together tutorials for almost every feature in RightSignature on one helpful page. Of course, we on the Customer Care team are always here to answer your questions and help walk you through anything you don’t understand, but you might be able to answer your question quickly yourself as well!

Question: Can I send more than one document to the same sender at the same time in a package? 
You asked and we listened! The new RightSignature now allows you to upload multiple documents at once for signature and supports varying page sizes in both landscape and portrait style orientation.

Question: How do I countersign a document that I’m also sending to another party for signature?
Previously, signing a document yourself in RightSignature was a complicated process, but no longer! In the new version, we’ve added an easy menu option to quickly prepare documents to sign yourself. However, for documents that are also sent to another party for signature, there are a few more tricks we can share with you.

The new version of RightSignature adds a new toolbox during document preparation full of fields that you can add to the document and fill out yourself prior to sending that document to your signer. These tools are called the “annotation” fields. When preparing your document for signature, you may now annotate your own signature, checkboxes or text fields on the document prior to sending for signature. This removes an unnecessary step from your document signing, making it just a little bit easier to use RightSignature.

Question: What’s your favorite new feature in RightSignature?
Personally, I think the new Field Detection is really cool. Instead of slowly adding and positioning each field to your document, you can click the Field Detection slider in the right-hand menu to make the document setup process go much faster. With the Field Detection feature enabled, all you need to do is click each line or box where you plan to place a field and our smart software will automatically place a field of the appropriate size right on the document!

Question: What happened to Online Forms?
In the newer RightSignature, we have made a conscious decision to reduce confusion by combining Online Forms into our Template feature. The same features from Online Forms still apply with some new added ways of distributing your templates.

Question: My company has an account with the older version of RightSignature. How do I access the new version?
If your company’s RightSignature account is using the older version of RightSignature but you’d like to try the new one for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial any time at RightSignature.com. If you’d like some help on the phone making up your mind, you can always give us a call.

Question: How can I learn more?
We encourage you to attend one of our free Daily Training Webinars. We’ll cover topics like these and more and you can learn in a guided setting from our experts on the Customer Care team. And if you have a question for us, you can always contact RightSignature Customer Support anytime, 24/7. Thank you for reading!


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