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Citrix Loves RightSignature: The Comic Book Quandary

By: Unknown / Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We don't just make RightSignature because it's a great tool for your business, we made RightSignature because it's a tool we at Citrix need in our daily lives. Allow me to break the fourth wall and introduce myself: Hi, I’m Steve Stormoen, a writer/editor at Citrix and RightSignature, and the regular maintainer of this blog. Here’s a story from my own life in which RightSignature came to the rescue.

After working at RightSignature for almost five years, I’ve slowly started to view normal, garden variety PDF contracts with a healthy degree of suspicion. Nothing works the way it’s supposed to: it’s too difficult to fill out documents and too easy to leave important fields incomplete. I’m expected to include sensitive data like my credit card information, then send it unsecured through email. And maintaining records of all the documents I’ve signed and returned is much more difficult than it needs to be.

A couple years ago I started writing and self-publishing comic books. Among my main channels for sales and distribution are comics conventions, which sell vendor tables to artists and publishers. You may have heard of the massive San Diego Comic-Con, but there are smaller conventions every weekend all across the country. I try to attend at least a few every year — it’s a great excuse to take a weekend and travel, see some old friends, and build my audience.

Unfortunately, the application process for most conventions is downright painful. The event organizer emails you a blank PDF application — no further instructions. After suffering through it a couple times, I remembered, wait a minute! I have a world-class tool for this exact situation, right at my fingertips.

Now, whenever a convention organizer emails me an application PDF, I log straight into RightSignature. Using the “Sign a document yourself” option, I quickly set up and sign the application with the convention organizer listed as a CC. It’s signed, completed, and delivered immediately, I don’t have to worry about my payment information being intercepted over email, and it makes me look good to the convention organizers, too. In fact, I got a “comics professional” discount once that I’m not entirely sure I deserved.

So there you have it. If you ever find yourself at a comics convention, why not take a stroll through Artist’s Alley and take a look for me? But if you’re ever organizing a comics convention, for the sake of your vendors, please just use RightSignature.


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