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By: Rebecca Bungert / Wednesday, March 1, 2017

You may have noticed that a solid portion of the internet seemed to be missing yesterday, including RightSignature.

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a cloud service provider that allows major software companies around the world to maintain scalable and highly available products for their customers. We’re on that list, along with Quora, Slack, and even IoT thermostats and light bulbs. A portion of AWS went on the fritz yesterday for a few hours and left you staring at a spinning browser, unable to send or sign documents.

AWS typically maintains a very high availability rate, which is the benefit of using such a provider. It is highly unusual for AWS to fail for long periods of time, meaning Citrix can provide you with reliable e-signature service through AWS.

While we can’t control Amazon’s shipping times or their server outages, we aim to maintain communication with you through any service disruption. We maintain a RightSignature status page that refreshes regularly and we are always available in real-time on Twitter and Facebook.

We are fully recovered from the AWS outage. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team or social media channels with any questions. 


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