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RightSignature for iOS Update: In-Person Signing for iPhone and iPad

By: Unknown / Thursday, April 27, 2017

With the new version of RightSignature finished and open for business, we decided to turn our attention to our mobile apps to help bring the innovations and advancements of our cutting edge e-signature software to your smartphones and tablets. Recently we launched a major update for our iPhone and iPad apps, with a similar update for our Android app to follow very soon.

The biggest difference you’ll find in the new RightSignature app is a faster, smoother mobile experience, rebuilt from the ground up to match the look and feel of the new RightSignature. However, this new version also includes an exciting new feature: in-person signing. Let’s dive into this new feature and explore what RightSignature mobile apps can do to help your business succeed.

Faster, smoother, easier to use

As we discussed in our previous blog post on User Experience, the new version of RightSignature underwent a huge redesign with the intent to make RightSignature easier to use for you and your signers. That includes new features such as professional custom branding and a new menu flow to make it easier to set up and send documents.

The new RightSignature app for iPhone and iPad mirrors these advancements, with a slick, professional interface that makes it easier for you to do business from anywhere. Don’t worry, though — if your business still uses the previous version of RightSignature, the new app works with that too!

Also, with the opportunity to rebuild the app nearly from scratch, we’ve been able to add a number of performance improvements to make it run faster and more smoothly on your mobile device. That means all of the features you’ve come to expect from our mobile apps, including a full searchable review of your RightSignature dashboard and the ability to send document templates for signature from anywhere, are easier to use than ever.

In-Person Signing completes your mobile workflow

RightSignature is great for connecting you to your clients and coworkers from far away, but we can also help you do business in person. The new versions of our mobile apps contain a feature called In-Person Signing, previously only available on the iPad, which allows you to prepare a document on your mobile device, then hand it over to your signer to fill out and sign.

In-Person Signing is a great way to help you keep all your signed documents organized and accessible, even when you’re meeting clients face-to-face or working in the field. This new feature doesn’t just let you work from anywhere, it creates a fully mobile workflow to help your team get work done more quickly and efficiently in any situation.

Why go mobile?

Is your business taking advantage of all the tools available to you? One big benefit of RightSignature is the ability to use our e-signature software from anywhere, on any device. We aim to create our mobile apps to help your business succeed in any scenario, like this story Aria CEO Ryan Thompson told us about using his smartphone to get a contract signed in minutes while waiting for an airplane.

If you’d like to see what our mobile apps can do to help your business, download the free RightSignature app for iPhone and iPad from the Apple iTunes app store today.


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