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How small businesses use RightSignature differently

By: Anna-Marie Holland / Wednesday, August 16, 2017

RightSignature offers plans for businesses of every size, because we know each organization has its own unique e-signature needs. How do you know which plan is right for your business? Here are a few ways our small business customers find something unique to love in RightSignature.

Wear a lot of different hats, with style

Not every business is large enough to have a team of account managers, an executive assistant, a sales team, and an HR manager. Sometimes, these might all even be the same person! If that sounds familiar, don’t worry -- RightSignature has you covered.

Many small businesses are concerned about time. There are only so many hours in the workday, and the tiresome work of pursuing your clients and colleagues to sign that overdue contract or wait around by the fax machine for a purchase order are rarely high priorities. Without a large enough staff to delegate, small businesses are discovering RightSignature as the perfect tool to cut down on busy work and focus on the productive parts of your business.

Run a global business from your local office

Just because you run your business out of a single office doesn’t mean your growth has to end at the city limits. Another key advantage for small businesses using RightSignature is the ability to get documents signed by parties around the world just as easily as if they were across the street. Whether your business needs to hire remote employees and contractors, accommodate traveling clients, or expand your customer base to new horizons, RightSignature has you covered.

In some cases, like our longtime customers Wicked Wingsuits, RightSignature is instrumental in helping a niche business reach a thriving clientele. Others, like Holden Moss CPAs, use RightSignature as a launching pad to enormous growth, servicing clients internationally that would otherwise be impossible. In any case, small businesses are finding that e-signatures are knocking down those old geographic barriers for good.

Simplify your workday with easy, straightforward e-signatures

What cloud file sharing tool do you use to store and sync your files? Make use of a CRM? Whatever tool you use, it’s likely to find a friend in RightSignature. With our laundry list of integrations with dozens of other popular business apps, RightSignature makes it easy to work the way you want to, saving even more time by connecting your data seamlessly.

These features are crucial for small businesses, who rarely have the time and resources to overhaul their tech tools. By combining RightSignature with our sister product, Citrix ShareFile, many businesses add an additional layer of functionality, alongside a simplified billing process and even more savings.

The world looks different to a small business, but with the right tools, it can be very successful. Do you use RightSignature for your small business? Sound off on Twitter and let us know how. Are you an e-signature aficionado at a different sized business? Check back soon at this blog for more posts about how businesses of every size use RightSignature.


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