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Sign it yourself feature post

By: Anna-Marie Holland / Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What do you do when it’s time to fill out a document and sign it yourself? RightSignature is a huge hit with businesses that need documents signed by others. However, even some of our most loyal fans aren’t aware that RightSignature is the perfect tool to sign documents yourself, too.

Let’s look at three ways RightSignature is the only PDF signing app your business needs.

1. Simple to sign
Setting up a document to sign yourself is just as easy as sending a document to anyone else. Simply log in to your RightSignature account and click Start Document, then select Sign a Document Yourself.

Next, you’ll upload your document and place text fields, checkboxes, and a signature field like normal. The only difference is, this time you get to fill those fields out immediately.

Once you’re done, click “Next: Review”. Then, enter the email address of the party who needs to receive your signed document, and click “Save Document”.

That’s it! Your signed document is instantly sent to the receiving party, and your signed copy will be stored in your RightSignature dashboard for safekeeping. You can also download your signed copy as a PDF file.

2. Streamlined recordkeeping
When you sign documents yourself using RightSignature, the finished document gets stored alongside all your other documents in your dashboard. The RightSignature dashboard is a fantastic tool for keeping all your documents at your fingertips. With our searchable, sortable interface, it’s easy to search for documents by title, contents, recipient, or date.

In industries with tight regulations on document archiving and recordkeeping, this functionality is a huge help. The ability to keep documents you’ve signed yourself alongside the documents you send helps keep all your records in one place for easy searching. And every completed RightSignature document, even those you send yourself, is certified with a secure audit log and paper trail for easy third-party verification.

3. Secure delivery
When you send an unsecured email to another party or a client, you’re also sending an invitation for it to be intercepted. Email notoriously lacks many common security protocols such as in-transit data encryption, and as your message travels across the internet to its destination, it can be cached and downloaded by unscrupulous actors en route. The same goes for your email attachments — many security experts consider signed documents with sensitive data such as payment information or your Social Security Number consider email too large of a risk.

Instead, RightSignature protects your documents with our secure servers, offering bank-level security with our data encryption and security protocols. Additionally, you can be sure with RightSignature that your document is going directly to your recipient, and not sitting unprotected in a public fax machine.

Do you use RightSignature to send documents yourself? Let us know what kind of documents you use it for on Twitter and join the conversation!


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