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How medium-sized businesses use RightSignature differently

By: Anna-Marie Holland / Thursday, September 28, 2017

You can excuse the medium-sized business if it feels overshadowed. Thinking about small businesses conjure images of inventive entrepreneurs and warm mom & pop shops, while large enterprises are considered the engines of our economy. Meanwhile, medium-sized businesses — commonly defined as having between 100 and 999 employees — often fall awkwardly in between in the popular consciousness.

But because of their boundaries, medium-sized businesses are often some of the most interesting and dynamic companies in America. Their particular niche in the marketplace often indicates a unique success; and just like with small businesses, RightSignature has a lot to offer any medium-sized business that needs to get documents signed quickly and easily.

Bridging the gap between locations

Many medium-sized businesses have grown too large for a single location, and have to find a way to connect two or more remote offices efficiently without duplicating processes. For example, if a business needs to hire employees at a location away from the central office, do they need to hire a second HR team to manage all the paperwork and compliance? When The Resumator, now known as JazzHR, expanded from Pittsburgh to a second office in San Francisco, here’s what they had to say about adopting RightSignature:

“It was a huge transition… many of our operational costs doubled. From the outside, it sounds like a recipe for disaster. In reality, it’s been just the opposite, and we actually have RightSignature to thank for smoothing out some of that friction. I use RightSignature practically every day for new hire forms, offer letters, NDA's, and many other types of agreements.”

RightSignature can also help close the distance between your offices with our shared templates feature. With one RightSignature account for your whole team, you can add new users from anywhere and share our Reusable Templates across your whole organization — particularly great for boilerplate documents like sales contracts, rental agreements, and more.

Landing and expanding

One great advantage to a medium-sized business is that the company is often large enough to hire more specialized roles than a small business, but employees from different departments are more easily able to interact than in a sprawling corporation. This leads to a great deal of cross-pollination in terms of good ideas and new tools. When we interviewed the HR director of MakerBot about how their business used RightSignature, for example, we learned that we weren’t solely an HR tool for their organization anymore. “RightSignature turned out to be so effective that it’s jumped departments,” she said, “and now our business development team uses it too.”

Do you use RightSignature at your medium-sized business? We’d love to learn more about your business and what makes you tick! Why not say hi to us on Twitter and join the conversation?


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