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How to get e-signatures from within ShareFile

By: Anna-Marie Holland / Friday, September 15, 2017

Four years ago, we first launched the RightSignature + ShareFile integration, and a lot has changed since then. RightSignature joined ShareFile in the Citrix family, and both products have released major new versions in the years since our first partnership. Likewise, the integration between RightSignature and our sister product has continued to grow and evolve in to something even more robust. So, let’s take a look at RightSignature and ShareFile four years later, and see just how easy it is to get your documents signed from directly within ShareFile.

First, log in to ShareFile and find the file you want to send. Then, right click it and, in the menu that pops up, select “Send for Signature”.

And… that’s it. It’s really just that easy!

ShareFile sends the document over to RightSignature automatically, where you can prepare your form fields and signature boxes, then send it like any other document in RightSignature. The document follows the same familiar workflow as RightSignature. As soon as you finish and click “Send”, your recipient is emailed a secure link to review and sign it using any web browser or mobile device.

RightSignature even still sends your recipient automated reminders in case they don’t sign right away. Once they do sign, the finished document is instantly and automatically returned back to you. In fact, you can even set up ShareFile to automatically upload your signed documents to a specified folder.

Need to sign a document in your ShareFile account yourself? Also no problem. Just right-click the document in your ShareFile folder and select “Sign Yourself”. Just like sending a document for signature, ShareFile automatically sends the document to your RightSignature account, where you can fill it out and sign it right away.

If you haven’t seen our integration with ShareFile lately, you haven’t seen the cutting edge of what’s possible when world-class solutions for e-signatures and secure file sharing work together. And if you’ve never experienced it for yourself, you might not be familiar with the huge benefits of combining these two solutions together.

Used together, ShareFile and RightSignature work hand in hand to make every step of your document workflow faster, easier and more secure. Curious to see what it looks like in your business? Contact us today to try ShareFile connected to your RightSignature account for free.


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